Best LEDs for EA FC 24 (FIFA 24)

Best LEDs for EA FC 24 (FIFA 24)

Any FIFA game is an experience of the year for the lovers of Football/Soccer. Ready to pack up all the stuff, including controllers, sofas, consoles, sound bar, and that beautiful ultra-Crisp high-refresh-rate LED. Well, if you are one of the individuals who are looking for the Best LEDs for EA FC 24 (FIFA 24), we got you covered.

Every year EA launches a FIFA game for the lovers of football/soccer. Things are quite similar each year, but this time, something is missing. Yes, the official partnership with FIFA is now over, and the game is related to the EA Sports FC 24 tag. Unofficially, the game may be called FIFA 24 as well.

With that being said, we have the top 3 Best LEDS for FC 24 that you might want to take a look over.


Everyone knows ASUS LED Monitors for Gaming nowadays and one of the best for FC 24 is no doubt their swift OLED PG27AQDM. It comes with a 26.5-inch, full OLED Display, and a resolution of 2560×1440.

For the peak smooth performance, there is that beautiful 240Hz Refresh Rate, that gives you the split-second advantage. Worries about connectivity? Well, it has HDMI 2, and post for each and everything you might be connecting.



  • OLED
  • Fast
  • Heatsink and Voltage Optimization


  • HDMI 2 only
  • High Price-point

Dell Alienware – Model AW3423DW

For the peak FC 24 experience, you might to go a bit bigger, and the best choice for that is none other than the Dell Alienware Model AW3423DW. It has a bit bigger display in contrast to the ASUS ROG Swift.

It comes packed with a 34-inch Quantum Dot OLED and a resolution of 3440×1440. If you are playing multiplayer with your friends, it is the perfect size. The angles are also quite exceptional, coming with 178 degrees vertically and horizontally.

VESA Display HDR takes the transitioning and lighting to the next level, giving you the best-ever color quality. The thing that makes it a bit down from the ASUS ROG Swift is its 175Hz Refresh Rate. But, the G-Sync ready makes up for that.

Dell Alienware - Model AW3423DW


  • Gsync Support
  • Curved – Making Viewing angles better


  • 200-Watt Power Consumption
  • Premium Price

Acer Nitro – Model Pbmiiprx XF243Y

The above two in our list of Best LED’s for EA FC 24 (FIFA 24) might break the bank, but we have an alternative here. Yes, we are talking about the Acer Nitro – Model Pbmiiprx XF243Y and it provides you with a balanced performance for FC 24, along with budget-friendly pricing.

It comes packed with a 24-inch display, but here you have an IPS Display, as well as a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. The refresh rate isn’t a letdown, as you can get a smooth FIFA 24 experience with the 144 Hz Refresh Rate.

You can also overclock it to 16 Hz, giving you the most optimal experience in FC 24. You can move the display around 360 Degrees, based on your liking, and get a good vision even in a fully lighted room with the IPS display.

Acer Nitro - Model Pbmiiprx XF243Y


  • Value for money – Budget Friendly
  • Good moving mechanic and visibility
  • Versatile


  • No cons so far!

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