[Fixed] Lords of the Fallen HDR Locking to Fullscreen

Can’t Play Lord of the Fallen on Steam: Game Play Not Available!

Lords of the Fallen release time on console and PC was pretty much known for a while, but countless players Couldn’t Play Lord of the Fallen on Steam even after the game launch. What’s the reason behind the Game Play Button Not Available? Here in this guide, we are going to share with you all the details related to the issue and how to fix it as well.

No Play Button on Steam and Can’t Play the Game even after the release

Why Can’t I Play Lord of the Fallen on Steam?

Whenever a game launches on Steam, it isn’t available instantly because the servers take a while to figure out things. Most of the time, the game is a bit delayed as well, as the servers again take some time to process an upload to the public.

Therefore, at that moment, you won’t be able to Press the Play Button on Steam, as the Gray Play Button is not available. You just have to do one simple step to fix the issue.

How to Fix Lord of the Fallen Game Play Not Available?

Wait for the game to release and after it is officially on Steam, you just have to restart once, and the game will be available to play for all the users. Just as we mentioned, it takes some time to upload the game on servers, therefore, you will have to restart Steam once and you will be able to Play Lord of the Fallen on Steam.

Keep in mind that you have to restart Steam, by exiting it completely, closing from the Task Manager, and then restarting it. Sometimes, you might have to restart your computer to make the game available on Steam.

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