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How to Fix Xdefiant Jump not working – Character can’t jump!

Xdefiant is a mirror copy of COD and that is actually not a bad thing. We needed another game that can challenge Modern Warfare and Xdefiant is a perfect candidate. But, to clear the plagiarism and make sure things don’t match up, Ubisoft introduced new mechanics. One such is that after slide and jump, the character crouches in Xdefiant. Due to these changes, the characters sometimes can’t jump at all. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you the details on How to Fix Xdefiant Jump not working.

How to Fix Xdefiant Jump not working - Character can't jump!

Is Slide Jump Mechanism in Xdefaint Default?

You can try the following; Run, Slide, Jump, and then land to finish the slide. The character will automatically sit down and crouch. Now, slide for a longer duration and the character won’t crouch or sit down. This is again possible when you keep running afterward.

This is a default mechanism in the game that is simply made to tackle the COD Mechanism of Slide-n-Slide. Due to this mechanism of Slide Jump, the character sometimes won’t jump at all. The game isn’t properly launched yet and it will be fixed in the future.

But, there is one thing that you need to understand. The space bar is the real issue here. Let’s talk about the fix here as well.

How to Fix Xdefiant Jump not working – Character can’t jump!

In order to fix Xdefiant Jump not working, you can just change the space bar and put the scroll wheel instead. In this way, you can bunny hop as well.

Go to your settings and in the keybind, instead of the spacebar, put the scroll wheel of your mouse. In the scroll wheel, empty everything.

If you are having trouble with Slide-Jump, just sprint after you jump to cancel the double slide that occurs and you crouch afterward.

How to Fix Xdefiant Jump not working - Character can't jump!

The Verdict

You just simply can’t say that Xdefiant is a cheap knockoff of COD, but you can say that it is quite well done, taking the standards of the infamous Ubisoft. Then again, they just can’t put the whole slide mechanism of the Modern Warfare here, otherwise they will get sued. After Slide and Jump, the Character Crouches in Xdefiant. Yes, this is intentional and due to that the character sometimes can’t jump as well. In order to fix Xdefiant Jump not working you can put the jump to the scroll wheel. Or, you can just sprint after the slide to cancel the next slide.

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