[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta No License Error

[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta No License Error

The Finals is one of the latest and greatest competitive FPS games in the making, developed by Embark Studios and set in a destructive environment, where you can break stuff and create various possibilities. While the game is in the playtest beta, it is free to play on Steam Launcher. You can just head to Steam and install the game after you add it to the library. But wait, due to The Finals No License Error, you can’t add the game to the Steam library. What is it, and how to fix it? We have you covered below in our guide.

[Fixed] The Finals Playtest Beta No License Error

Why Can’t I Add The Finals Game to the Library?

There is some issue with the game’s application on Windows that doesn’t allow you to add games to the Steam library. That is why you can’t add the games to the library, including The Finals Playtest Beta.

How to Fix The Finals Playtest Beta No License Error?

To fix this, you will have to use the Browser to Open Steam and then add The Finals to the Steam Library. From there, you will be able to play the game without the Failure, No License Error.

Furthermore, you can try out the following things as well;

  • Reinstall Steam: Go to the settings, apps, and then apps&features. From here select Steam and then click on “Uninstall”. Go to the Steam Download and then get it reinstalled.
  • Wait for the game to have fewer players through SteamDB. The game is having Server issues and The Finals No License Error could be due to the queue that disables the ability to add the game to Steam Library for newer players.

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