Getting Only 3 Stars in NBA 2k24 Mamba

Getting Only 3 Stars in NBA 2k24 Mamba

Players who were playing in the offline mode are up for some bad news. Getting Only 3 Stars in NBA 2k24 Mamba is the one we are talking about here, but in case you want to get into the base of that issue, we have you covered below.

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About NBA 2k24

There are millions of Basketball fans around the globe, creating that legendary hoop culture. Most of us go out and physically play the game, but for video gamers, there is a special game known as NBA.

Each year the Visual Concepts Developers release NBA games, bringing back the hoop culture, and gathering all the basketball lovers. This year, they announced their NBA 2k24, having a mix of new features including MyCareer, MyTeam, MyNBA, and much more than we basketball lovers can handle.

The game is set to launch on all the platforms including Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and also for those Windows PC Users. To take the visuals to a new level, they also introduced a new technology known as the ProPlay.

Did we forget to mention that console/PC players can play together with one another? Well, they introduced crossplay in NBA 2k24 that allows all the console/Windows players to come together, irrespective of their system.

  • MyTeam allows you to make the perfect team of Basketball legends that you always wanted to do
  • Personalize the players and change them around with your MyPlayer
  • Go through each individual player and make them their best version in the MyCareer
  • The game includes a WNBA as well, specifically for the lovers of Women’s NBA Basketball as well
Getting Only 3 Stars in NBA 2k24 Mamba

Getting Only 3 Stars in NBA 2k24 Mamba

So, the Mamba Reward in NBA 2k24 is not counting because of offline mode. When you are playing Mamba Mode offline, you won’t get the rewards. You will have to go online and play the NBA 2k24 Mamba Again to get the rewards. You will have the same 3 Stars in Mamba if you were offline. So, go online and play Mamba in NBA 2k24 again to get more than 3 stars.

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