How to Catch Pals in Palworld

How Are People Playing Palworld Before its Official Release?

Palworld, the highly anticipated open-world survival crafting game with a unique creature-collection twist, has generated buzz even before its official release. Players and streamers seem to have access to the game before the scheduled launch date, prompting questions about how this is possible.

Early Access Release Details

Palworld is slated for an early access release on January 19 for Xbox and PC, including Xbox Game Pass. This early access period is expected to last for at least one year, allowing players to explore the game’s features, mechanics, and the world of Pals as the developers, Pocketpair, continue refining and expanding the experience.

How Are People Playing Palworld Before its Official Release?

Game Key Distribution

One reason some individuals are playing Palworld before its official release is the distribution of game keys. Game developers often provide early access or review copies to select individuals, including streamers, content creators, and gaming journalists. This is a common practice to build anticipation, showcase gameplay, and gather feedback.

Streamers and Content Creators

Pocketpair has strategically given game keys to streamers and content creators, allowing them to showcase Palworld to their audiences before the wider public release. This serves as a promotional strategy to generate interest, create hype, and provide potential players with insights into the game’s features and gameplay mechanics.

Early Access Benefits

Early access not only benefits developers by allowing them to gather valuable feedback but also benefits players who get a sneak peek into the game. It enables the community to witness the gameplay, learn about the unique Pals, and understand the core mechanics before deciding to invest in the early access version.


While some players may be enjoying Palworld ahead of its official release, it’s crucial to understand that this access is often granted to selected individuals for promotional and community-building purposes. As the game progresses through its early access phase, more players will have the opportunity to explore and contribute to the evolving world of Palworld.

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