How Planets Work in Star Field

How Planets Work in Star Field

Balls with Tiles...

Balls with Tiles...

Star Field is presumably the most anticipated, yet one of the best games to launch in 2023. There is an obvious reason, as the other games had their fair share of problems. For the most part, players are wondering How Planets Work in Star Field.

The reason behind that question is related to other games like Star Citizen, and No Mans Sky. They didn’t have other Planets, but rather balls with rules or you can also assume land as tiles. Don’t worry, we got you covered with all the details related to Star Field as well.

How Planets Work in Star Field

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How Planets Work in Star Field

Balls, Tiles, and Rules

In the world of Star Field, the planets are Balls that have various rules set on them. After clicking on an area of a Ball, you select the rules of Tiles.

After clicking on the land, you will basically appear on a Tile. When it comes to exploration, there is no planet, but rather Tiles created with Random Rules.

Going to the next area, you won’t be able to see the Tiles you were present previously in.

Tile Save

After you take off approximately 4 times, the 5th time will erase the first time that you had. This means, there are 4 tried and the 5th one will be the new, taking place of one of the 4.

Next up, the most amusing thing about Planets in Star Field is that there isn’t any physical Planet, just like No Mans Sky.

Tile Physical Connection

There is no physical connection between Tiles, as they are not connected with one another. You will generate a tile after you click on the land, having its own random set of rules; these include biomes, creatures, weather, resources, flora, fauna, etc.

You are placed on the tile, then you take off and land on the tile that is next to it. The new tile will be made and the previous one is saved for a specific duration. Then again, there is no connection in-between them, as they are randomly generated.

Why are Planets Balls, and Tiles in Star Citizen?

While most people blame the Consoles for these, this is completely false. The real reason behind Bethesda making Planets in Star Citizen in the form of Balls, and land in the form of Tiles is because of the limitation of the Game Engine.

It is also because of the laziness of developers, or the budget, and in other cases the time it takes to make separate Planets and save them inside the game so that they remain there always.

Even if they had everything and made the game like this, it would be too heavy, and the specs it is going to need aren’t eligible for the gaming community.

How Planets Work in Star Field

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