How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is an exciting mobile game set in the Wizarding World, where players can collect a variety of spells, summons, and charms. Like any Collectible Card Game (CCG), players aim to obtain the rarest and most sought-after cards, including the legendary cards. Legendary cards are the highest rarity level in Magic Awakened, and they offer powerful abilities and advantages in battles. If you’re eager to enhance your collection with these elusive cards, this guide will walk you through the steps on How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Before diving into how to acquire legendary cards, it’s important to understand the different rarity levels in Magic Awakened. The game classifies cards into the following categories, from lowest to highest rarity:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary
  5. Mythic/Dark Cards

Legendary cards, being the fourth-highest rarity tier, are considerably rare and highly coveted by players due to their exceptional abilities and strategic advantages.

How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Explore Different Sources

In your quest to obtain legendary cards, it’s crucial to explore various sources within the game. These sources include:

  • Main Quests: Engaging in main quests can often reward players with valuable cards, including legendary ones. Progress through the game’s story and complete quests to increase your chances of acquiring legendary cards.
  • PvP Combat in the Dueling Club: Participating in player-versus-player (PvP) combat in the Dueling Club provides opportunities to earn rewards, including legendary cards. Test your skills against other players and strive for victory to potentially unlock these coveted cards.
  • Specific Areas and Quests: Target specific areas or quests known for offering legendary cards as rewards. By focusing your efforts on these areas, you increase your chances of obtaining the cards you desire.

Utilize In-Game Resources

Magic Awakened provides in-game resources that can assist you in acquiring legendary cards. These resources include:

  • Keys for Magical Studies: Use keys for magical studies to unlock new opportunities and potentially discover legendary cards along the way.
  • Library Pass: Make use of the library pass to gain access to valuable knowledge and increase your chances of obtaining legendary cards.

Trading with Fellow Wizards

Trading cards with other wizards in the game’s Social Club is another avenue to acquire legendary cards. However, keep in mind that trading requires being a member of a Social Club and having the necessary Trade Tokens for the card rarity you wish to trade for. Ensure you are ready to part with the cards you put up for trade, as they will be locked until the trade is canceled.

Stay Updated with New Card Releases

As the game continues to evolve, new cards, including legendary ones, may be periodically released. To stay up-to-date with the latest additions to the game, keep an eye on official announcements, forums, and community channels. By remaining informed, you can seize opportunities to obtain newly introduced legendary cards.

How to Get Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened


Obtaining legendary cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened requires strategic exploration, utilizing in-game resources, and engaging in various activities such as quests, PvP combat, and trading with fellow wizards. By combining these methods and staying informed about new card releases, you can enhance your collection with these highly sought-after and powerful cards. Unleash the magic of legendary cards and make your mark in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

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