How to get Remnant 2 Familiar Secret Mod - Dreamcatcher's Secret Item!

How to get Remnant 2 Familiar Secret Mod – Dreamcatcher’s Secret Item!

Did you know there exists a Familiar Secret Mod in Remnant 2 that you can get? But for that, you need to first get the Dreamcatcher’s Secret Item in Remnant 2. If you don’t have any knowledge about that, we got you covered. Here we have a guide on How to get Remnant 2 Familiar Secret Mod where you have to use the Dreamcatcher’s Secret Item.

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Introduction to Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is the successor to Remnant 1 known as “Remnant: From the Ashes”. It was the best-selling Remnant Game to exist, ever. The game lore is quite simple. You start in a survival environment, where you face off against deadly creatures.

There are some Godly Bosses as well that you have to face, but after becoming stronger. The world itself is quite terrifying and for that, you have CO-OP/Multiplayer, allowing your friends to join in.

There are Archetypes or Classes that you have to choose from in the start, but in case you messed up, or want to experience more than one Class. The game provides you with Dual Class or Hybrid Archetype Mechanism as well.

Yes, you do start with the New Class from Level 1, but that makes it the secondary class. You get to keep the Primary or Main class with you as well and that’s the fun part of the game.

Bit of an MMORPG game mix here as well, you get Gear, in-game currency, Upgrades, Crafting, and that Holy Remnant Drip everyone is wild for nowadays. You can make your character someone unique, by finding secret areas in the game and getting secret weapons to showcase your friends.

If you don’t have anyone to play with you, don’t worry, the game itself is designed to be an optimal game experience for Casual Single Player Lovers.

How to get Remnant 2 Familiar Secret Mod

To unlock the Familiar Secret Mod Weapon in Remnant 2, you will have to first use the Dreamcatcher Secret Weapon. If you don’t have it, we might just have a perfect guide to help you get the Nightweave Stone Doll and then through that get the Dreamcatcher’s Secret Item.

How to get Dreamcatcher's Secret Item

After you have your hands on the Dreamcatcher Secret Item, you can go to Briella’s Garden and use it. Use the Dreamcatcher on the Sleeping Huntress, to get the Huntress Dream Item.

Keep in mind that while she is sleeping, you can approach her and use your normal melee attack button while having Dreamcatcher equipped.

How to get Huntress Dream Item in Remnant 2
How to get Huntress Dream Item in Remnant 2

Use the Huntress Dream to enter Briella’s Reverie. There you will find a boss whom you have to defeat to get the Sacred Hunt Feather. After you get to Briella’s Reverie, proceed through the area till you find the boss.

How to get Sacred Hunt Feather in Remnant 2

Now, after you have your hand on the Sacred Hunt Feather, you can go to the McCabe to craft your very own Familiar Mod. Happy Gaming Fellas!

How to get Remnant 2 Familiar Secret Mod - Dreamcatcher's Secret Item!


  • Get the Dreamcatcher Secret Weapon through Nightweave Stone Doll
  • Go to Briella’s Garden
  • Find Huntress while she is sleeping
  • Equip Dreamcatcher and use Normal Attack on her while she is asleep
  • Get Huntress Dream Item
  • Use Huntress Dream to get to Briella’s Reverie
  • Defeat the Boss
  • Get the Sacred Hunt Feather
  • Go to McCabe and Craft Familiar Mod

This is it, now you know How to Get Familiar Secret Mod in Remnant 2 through Dreamcatcher’s Secret Item.

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