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How to Make a Multiplayer Server in Palworld – Play Palworld With Friends

Palworld is an exciting open-world survival crafting game that brings a fresh twist to the gaming world. With the ability to accommodate up to 32 players, it promises an immersive experience like no other. It is available on Steam and GamePass on PC. If you are interested in hosting a server in the world of Palworld. We have come up with a guide for you:

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How to Make a Multiplayer Server in Palworld

  • Open Palworld on your gaming platform and ensure you are logged into your account.
  • Click on Start Game, and then select Yes on the Multiplayer.
  • Palworld allows you to customize your server settings. You may be able to set a server name, choose the map or world, and apply other configurations such as player limits max 32 players.
  • Palworld employs invite codes for multiplayer access. Generate an invite code within your server settings. This code will be shared with your friends to grant them access to your server.
  • Share the generated invite code with your friends. They can enter this code when selecting the “Join Multiplayer Game” option from their own main menu in Palworld.
  • Once your friends enter the invite code, they should be able to join your server. Wait for them to connect, and you can start your multiplayer Palworld adventure together.
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Final Words

Creating a multiplayer server in Palworld allows you to enjoy the game with your friends, fostering a cooperative and shared gaming experience. Remember to check for any specific features or updates related to multiplayer server creation within the Palworld community or official resources. Now, gather your pals, start your server, and dive into the exciting world of Palworld together!

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