How to Make Dot Crosshair in The Finals

How to Make Dot Crosshair in The Finals

The Finals, a competitive FPS from Embark Studios, is dominating the gaming industry with its Playtest Beta. While the game isn’t fully furnished, it has all the mechanics working to help you get a suitable gaming experience. One of these mechanics is the ability to change crosshair, and here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Make Dot Crosshair in The Finals.

What is a Dot Crosshair?

A crosshair is the pointer that is used to aim inside the game with your weapon. Typically, a crosshair inside the game is a “Reticle” shape, but you can change it to any other shape you like, including a “Dot”.

A dot crosshair consists of only a singular visible dot on the screen without any outlines. Its benefits include:

  • No distraction
  • Easy to aim and do headshots
  • Doesn’t take much screen size
  • Simple and light

How to Make Dot Crosshair in The Finals?

To make the Dot Crosshair in The Finals, you need to enable your Xbox Game Bar in Windows and install HUDSight, an application that lets you change the crosshair in FPS games.

How to Make Dot Crosshair in The Finals

Enabling Xbox Game Bar on Windows

  • Press the Windows Button on the keyboard
  • Type in “Xbox”
  • Click on the Xbox Game Bar
  • Enable it

Install and Use HUDSight

  • Head over to HUDSight’s official sight
  • Download the app
  • Install it
  • Open HUDSight
  • Use the default list to open Dot Crosshair
  • Go to the Common Tab
  • Enable “Use Xbox Game Bar Overlay” in the settings

Disable The Finals Crosshair

Go to the in-game settings of The Finals and then from the Accessibility Section, you can find Crosshair Settings. Here, you need to turn the Opacity to 0, as it will disable the in-game crosshair.

Making Dot Crosshair using HUDSight

Press Windows Key + G on the Keyboard to open the Windows Xbox Game Bar. From the overlay, download the Crosshair. Open the game and you will have the Dot Crosshair in The Finals. That’s How to Change to Dot Crosshair in The Finals.

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