Mohammad Hijab Destroyed Pierce Morgan on his own show

Mohammad Hijab Destroyed Piers Morgan on his own show

After the latest Israel-Palestine Conflict, Piers Morgan, an English Broadcaster, Interviewer, and Journalist, debated the matter at hand with Pro-Palestinian people, including Ben Shapiro. While that was quite a controversial debate at first sight because both were on the side of Israel defending them and using double language to cut out debate from the side of Palestine, Mohammad Hijab called them out on his YouTube Channel, defending the Palestinians with some really authentic points.

Mohammad Hijab is an Oxford Graduate, Author, Philosopher, and as we all know “defender of Islam in the debates”. More or so, he is also a BA in Politics and has a History Master’s Degree, while being co-founder of the Sapience Institute.

Most of the time Mohammad Hijab is found defending the Silenced People in the World, exposing the Un-Justice, and Defending Islam, showing its true side which is also made a controversial topic by most people.

Mohammad Hijab vs Piers Morgan turned into a Mohammad Hijab Interviewing Pierce Morgan on his own show.

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Mohammad Hijab Invited by Piers Morgan on his Show

Nearly a week ago, Piers Morgan Invited Ben Shapiro to the Israel-Hamas Conflict, or most notably the Israel-Palestine conflict, where Israel’s Defense Force launched an attack on the Palestinians, massacring civilians.

But, that was not the debate at hand here, as both Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro, were more talking about Hamas massacring the Israelis, while that is not the case at all.

So, it was a left-out point by Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro on their side. But, to defend the Palestinians, Mohammad Hijab uploaded a video on his YouTube asking Piers Morgan to be just, being the middle man and asking just questions from both sides, not taking the side of the Israelis to the full extent.

Therefore, in response to that, Piers Morgan invited Mohammad Hijab to bring up the topic and justify his point, while Piers Morgan justified his interview with Ben Shapiro. The Piers Morgan and Mohammad Hijab Debate on Israel-Palestine was done from 16th to 17th October 2023.

While Piers Morgan was on the middle ground, the Piers Morgan vs Ban Shapiro turned in a Pro-Israeli debate, justifying Israel's actions in Palestine

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Mohammad Hijab Destroyed Piers Morgan on his own show

Going to the main point of the topic, Mohammad Hijab, as always, destroyed Piers Morgan on his own show. How did he do that? Well, Piers Morgan was more on the side of Israel, while constantly ignoring Palestinian children and women.

As a conflict between Hamas and Israel Defense Force, the IDF started striking Palestinian children and Women, or innocent civilians instead of actually only targeting Hamas Fighters.

Piers Morgan started asking for proof on the topic at hand Mohammad Hijab, and in return, Mohammad Hijab provided that and asked for proof from Piers Morgan when he said “Hammas is targeting children and women from Israel“.

Taking the conversation to the Israel Side only, Piers Morgan didn’t provide a just answer to the debate, turning it into a Mohammad Hijab interviewing Piers Morgan on his own show instead of the other way around.

Mohammad Hijab Destroyed Piers Morgan on his own show

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