Nvidia Control Panel Closing Itself [2023 Fix]

Nvidia Control Panel Closing Itself [2023 Fix]

Nvidia Control Panel is an all-in-one app to help you tweak your GPU settings on Windows, either fine-tuning them for peak performance or just saving the hardware from overheating, by underutilization the utilities. Sometimes, unexpectedly, the Nvidia Control Panel Starts Closing Itself, without any error, or prior warnings.

Today, we will troubleshoot this issue and share with you the possible causes behind Nvidia Control Panel Closing Itself. Let’s jump straight to it.

Nvidia Control Panel Automatically Closes Itself after running.

What is the reason behind the Nvidia Control Panel Closing?

Nvidia Control Panel is a direct app concerning your GPU, as well as Windows. If your GPU isn’t updated to the latest drivers, in contrast to Windows, it is bound to cause issues.

The reason behind the Control Panel closing automatically is the compatibility of your GPU Drivers, with your Windows Updates. If one of the two is not close or equal to the updates of the other, it won’t work.

So, both your Windows and GPU drivers are the cause of the Nvidia Control Panel automatically closing itself. While that might be the case, a simpler thing could be your Windows itself.

Windows are bound to glitch out or show strange behaviors when you don’t restart them in a while. Moreover, some background applications might be the cause of trouble at hand here. Let’s talk about possible ways of troubleshooting this issue in 2023.

How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Closing Itself?

Below, we have the possible methods to help you Fix Nvidia Control Panel Closing Itself.

Close Programs and Restart Windows

The simplest fix would be to close all the programs on your Windows. You can do that by right-clicking on the toolbar of Windows and selecting Task Manager.

In the Task Manager, you can right-click and close the programs that are running in the background. Also, in the startup, you might want to disable any strange programs that automatically start after restarting the Windows.

After you are done, you can restart the Windows and come back to the Task Manager again. Check back on the programs again and make sure everything is okay.

Now, right-click on the Windows Desktop, and open Nvidia Control Panel. See if it is working on Windows or not. In case the Automatically Closing Issue persists, you might want to carry on with this guide.

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Updating Nvidia GPU Drivers

As mentioned in our article, the most common reason is that your Nvidia GPU Driver is not updated to work optimistically on Windows. To update/install the drivers;

  • Download Nvidia Experience
  • Start the Program
  • Make an account, but if you already have an account Sign-in
  • Verify from your Gmail
  • Run the Program
  • On the top-right select Drivers for Gaming
  • Click on Update Drivers
  • Select Custom
  • Tick on “Perform a Clean Installation”
  • Start the Download

By performing a Custom Clean Installation, you will download the latest drivers, while erasing the previously installed drivers on your Windows.

Update Windows

Furthermore, you might also need to install the latest Windows Updates as well. To do that;

  • Click on the bottom-left of the Windows Toolbar
  • Search for “Updates”
  • Press Enter
  • Search for Updates
  • Let the Windows Search for them
  • After a while select Download
  • Restart afterward

This will not only Update your Windows Updates/Drivers but also Update all the applications that are running on Windows.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Nvidia Control Panel is an authentic Windows Program that has the authentication to perform all the tasks necessary, like tweaking your files and GPU profile.

But, the Antivirus can block communication with any suspicious program running on Windows. Therefore, it might clash with the Control Panel, not letting it run on Windows.

So, to fix that, you might want to Disable your Antivirus and also the Firewall Protection. If you don’t want to disable it, you can just Whitelist the Program, letting it run without any Antivirus Protection Scan.

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