Can You Sell Furniture in Supermarket Simulator

Can You Sell Furniture in Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator lets you live out the dream (or maybe a slightly chaotic nightmare?) of running your own grocery store. It’s all about stocking shelves, keeping customers happy, and of course, making a profit! But what if you accidentally order too many freezers or change your mind about the layout? Recently, the game added a super handy feature: the ability to sell back furniture (sort of) – let’s explore!

Can You Sell Furniture in Supermarket Simulator

Sell Furniture in Supermarket Simulator

Currently, you don’t get the full price you paid when selling furniture. This is to balance the game and stop players making unlimited money with no effort. To sell something, you first have to find its original cardboard box and put the item back inside. This adds a touch of realism! Once boxed, simply hold down the ‘F’ key and boom! The item is sold, and you get some cash, even if it’s not the full price.

Why Sell Furniture Anyway?

Accidentally ordered twenty freezers instead of two? Happens to the best of us! Selling lets you recoup some of the cost. Feeling creative? Changing your store’s layout might mean selling off some extra shelves or refrigerators. Need a sudden money boost? Selling a few items is a fast, even if not terribly efficient, way to get some funds.

If you don’t mind holding onto excess furniture for a while, there’s another option, you can leave boxed furniture almost anywhere – inside your store, out back, even tucked behind a tree! Think of it as your own furniture warehouse, ready for when you need it.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or experimenting with new store designs. You’re not locked into every decision because you can always sell extra furniture to make adjustments.

Can You Sell Furniture in Supermarket Simulator

Final Words

Sometimes the game throws temporary sales on various furniture items. If you have some spare cash, why not stock up? You can always sell extras later, maybe even for a small profit if you bought them at a discount!

I hope this helps! Remember, the key to success in Supermarket Simulator is having fun while learning from your mistakes. The new option to sell back furniture helps make the whole experience a lot less stressful!

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