Where to Find and Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters

Where to Find and Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters

Helldivers 2 throws you headfirst into a chaotic war against hordes of alien bugs. While the big guys get all the attention, those pesky Hunters can be a real pain if you don’t deal with them quickly. In this guide, I’ll teach you where to find those jumpy critters and the best ways to take ’em down.

Where to Find and Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters

Who (or What) Are Hunters?

Hunters are part of the nasty Terminid bug faction. You’ll recognize them right away – they’re the white-ish bugs with little orange wings that love to leap around and attack from a distance. They don’t have much health or armor, so thankfully a few well-placed shots will put them down.

Where to Find the Little Buggers

Bug Central

Hunters are all about those Terminid infestations. Look for missions on the planets in the orange section on the right side of your galaxy map.

Mission Preference

Missions like “Eradicate Terminid Swarm” are a good bet for finding Hunters. They pop up in regular exploration missions too, but swarms are where it’s at.

Nests and Breaches

Keep an eye out near those big red bug nests. That’s prime Hunter territory. They also like to patrol around or burst out of breaches when you set off an alarm.

Spotting a Hunter

These guys are easy to recognize if you know what to look for:

  • Jumpy Jerks: They’re the ones hopping around like crazy and trying to get a leaping attack in on you.
  • Buggy Colors: Look for the white-ish bugs with little orange wings sticking out.
  • Not-So-Sneaky: If you’re still unsure, try tagging one (check your controls for how) and then look to see what the tag says.
Where to Find and Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters

Taking Down Hunters

Hunters don’t have much health or armor, so the key is to land your shots before they land on you! Here’s how:

  • Firepower: Any primary or secondary weapon will work. Focus more on your accuracy than the gun itself.
  • Pinpoint Shooting: If you’re a good shot, a precise weapon is great for those mid-air takedowns. Not your thing? Grab something with more spray to cover a wider area.
  • Dance With Death: Hunters will do a little back-and-forth shuffle right before they jump. That’s your cue to fire!
  • Don’t Get Swarmed: They’re annoying one-on-one, but a whole group can be trouble. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to backpedal if needed.
Where to Find and Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters

Hunters are annoying on their own, but a bunch of them can get overwhelming. Keep an eye on your surroundings and backpedal if necessary. If you’re rolling with a squad, coordinate to focus fire on those Hunters. They’ll go down in a flash!

And that’s it! Squash enough Hunters, and you’ll be a pro in no time. Remember, good aim and a little bit of strategy will take you far in the fight against the bug menace!

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