My Time At Sandrock Duster Bug/Glitch - Dust Machine Icon Not Going

My Time At Sandrock Duster Bug/Glitch – Dust Machine Icon Not Going

My Time At Sandrock, developed by the Pathea Games, is a beautiful-looking adventure RPG game that takes you to a post-apocalyptic world, where modern tech doesn’t exist and you have to build stuff using the tech you can find throughout your journey.

One of the most frustrating bugs in the game is related to the Dusting Mission, where you dust the machines. So, the problem here is that before dusting the machines, there is an icon that tells you to do so. After you dust the machine, the icon doesn’t go away and after you lift the machine it goes away. Putting the machine back will bring the icon back.

Don’t worry, this is a known bug by the developers and here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on how to fix the My Time at Sandrock Duster Bug/Glitch, where the Dust Machine Icon is not going away.

My Time At Sandrock Duster Bug/Glitch - Dust Machine Icon Not Going

Why is the Dust Machine Icon/Symbol Not Disappearing in My Time At Sandrock?

There is an in-game bug that makes the game think that there is a sandstorm in progress. Due to this, you will have the issue. During this issue, whatever you do, the game can’t recognize that you dusted the machines.

There is an effortless fix around it, which fixes the Dust Machine Not Working Bug in My Time At Sandrock.

How to Fix My Time At Sandrock Duster Bug/Glitch?

To fix the Duster Bug and make the Dust Machine Icon Go Away, you will have to raise your Sand Wall, and then proceed with the process. The game thinks that you are in a sandstorm, due to which it doesn’t proceed with the Dust Machine.

After you put on the Sand Wall, it finds you in a safe position. Afterward, you can just Dust the Machines and the game will recognize it, making the Dust Machine Icon/Symbol go away on its own.

Another turn-around to the issue is that you can simply put the Machines and Lay them down. It will make the Dust Machine Symbol go away.


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