Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed - Is Notia a DPS?

Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed – Is Notia a DPS?

Outerplane Devs just showcased their newest addition to the game name Notia/Nautiah. Well, at first sight, she looks like a goddess of some sort with a sick sword in her hand, but for most details, we have here our Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed Guide, where we will also be discussing whether she is a DPS or not.

Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed - Is Notia a DPS?

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Notia/Nautiah Design in Outerplane

Starting off from the overall design of Notia/Nautiah. She is a white-haired and purple eye colored female character in the game. She has a sword in her hand, which indicates she is indeed a melee fighter/warrior.

As for the overall looks, they made per pretty cute. You can see the small details in the image below shared from Exus Media, as well as the Outerplane.

There are small emblems on her chest, hand, waist, and her head as well. On the armor side, we can see in the images of this article that there isn’t anything heavy going on here.

There are small pieces of armor here, meaning she is going to be a lot more flexible.

Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed - Is Notia a DPS?

When is New Hero Notia/Nautia Releasing in Outerplane?

When you look at the August Roadmap of Outerplane, you can clearly see that the next hero in line is none other than Notia or Nautiah.

She is going to be released in August of 2023. So, basically, she is the next up-in-line character to be released to the game for the public.

Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed - Is Notia a DPS?

Notia Inclusion in Outerplane Story

You might be wondering why we have Notia and Nautiah spelled for the character herself. Basically, on the roadmap, you can see that her name is spelled Nautiah.

But, once you see her in the game, the characters refer to her as Notia. The developers later clarify that her name is indeed Notia and not Nautiah.

Furthermore, all of this indicates she is going to be important for the story of Outerplane.

Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed - Is Notia a DPS?

What is Notia Inside the Game?

She is a member of the Order of Paladins inside the game. Later on, she is meant to become the leader of this order of paladins.

The Order of Paladins is a new group that separated themselves from the Knights.

So, Paladins and Knights are two different groups in the game and Notia or Nautiah is going to be a part of Paladins in Outerplane.

Bishop is the one who brought her into the group and later on mentions her to be a strong character that can lead the Paladins later on.

What is the Role of Notia/Nautiah – Is she a Healer or a DPS?

No, Notia isn’t a healer in the game. As we already mentioned above that she has a sword and flexible armor. She is also mentioned to be quite strong, so she is a Warrior Class having melee combat.

In a Dialogue, it is mentioned that she has a sword that Protects Sacreed, as she wields justice in place of the divine.

The Verdict

So, these are all the details on Outerplane New Hero Notia/Nautiah Revealed. It is important to mention beforehand that all the things here are speculations. It could be something completely different. She might be a healer with a sword or could be a DPS. Read out the guide here to learn more.

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