[Solved] Mini Goads on NYT Crossword Answer

Social Media App Banality of Life NYT Crossword Clue Answer

The New York Times crossword clues “Social media app banality of life” with the answer “BEREAL.”

  • Authentic Connections: In a world of posed photos, “BEREAL” encourages sharing real, unfiltered moments—the stuff that makes us human.
  • BeReal App: It’s connected to a social app called “BeReal.” This app is all about sharing one genuine photo daily, giving a peek into people’s everyday lives as they happen.

Meet BeReal

“BeReal” is a daily photo-sharing app where folks share one genuine photo every day. It’s like a photo diary capturing real-life moments as they unfold.

Final Thoughts

The “BEREAL” clue in the crossword hints at the value of authenticity—just like the “BeReal” app, encouraging us to share genuine moments in a world full of posed perfection.

So, finding “BEREAL” in the crossword reveals the importance of being genuine, much like the “BeReal” app that celebrates authentic snapshots of everyday life.

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