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Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint – Discussed

After going Free-to-Play, Naraka Bladepoint had a surge of players just flowing in the game at a time. Millions of players mean the in-game PvP experience is going to shine. But, it is quite the opposite here. Let’s discuss Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint Below.

Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint

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Are there Bots in Naraka Bladepoint?

Yes, there are bots in the game, but that doesn’t mean all the players you are playing with are bots. They are in-fact other players who are utterly bad at the game.

It might seem like those are bots, but they are not. How come a game that has millions of peek players and 100k plus playing at a time has bots?

Another thing to mention here in this article is that when you start the game, you are playing with the starters. You need to play the game more often to get out of those player pools.

Why are you matching up with Bots in Naraka Bladepoint

So, most of the players you are going to play the game with are from China or other Asian Countries. They have their own servers, making up the majority of players.

The game MMR works in strange ways. The first time you play the game, you are going to be matching up with bots, and by those we mean, actual players who are new to the game itself.

You need to fill in your MMR before you get to experience actual players in the game.

Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint

The Verdict

There have been reports of Too Many Bots in Naraka Bladepoint. Well, they aren’t actually bots for the most part, but some who are bots simply mean, you are just starting out in the game. As you proceed onwards, you will find yourself getting out of the starter MMR Pool and playing with real gamers.

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