What is the help service for players in MMO RPGs and other online projects

What is the help service for players in MMO RPGs and other online projects

Many players who come to online projects are quickly faced with a huge system of skills, classes and mechanics that you need to master, do it quickly and devote a lot of time to the game in order to make tangible progress.

But it is obvious that most gamers are too busy with their personal lives and cannot spend 10 or more hours on their favorite game due to obligations and lack of free time, but they want to achieve success and status, so services like Skycoach come to the rescue, which help players to learn, progress faster, or get better items on their server and become stronger in PvP and arenas.

What is the help service for players in MMO RPGs and other online projects

What is the Skycoach service?

Skycoach is a player assistance service that offers its services in the largest and most famous online projects, interacts with any amount of orders, even if it is one dollar – you will still get your gold, because sometimes there is not enough to the desired weapon just a little bit and that’s it the speed of order fulfillment and the number of coins for delivery can play a decisive role.

Main services Skycoach

You can be helped with the following game tasks:

  • Selling gold and other currencies such as gils or glimmers.
  • Pumping to the required level – You can be helped to quickly get to the final lvl, or simply overcome a difficult milestone.
  • Learning to play on a certain class, or global mentoring on the overall development of the project, including character selection, mastering basic skills and builds, PVP tactics, leadership and raids.
  • Help with the passage of raids. Raids are a source of a large amount of experience and valuable rewards, but they require rallying with a group of players where not every professional is in his class and has the necessary equipment. Therefore, the Skycoach service can help you complete the raid, where all the rewards and experience will go to your hero.
  • Working with individual orders – it often happens that a player needs a certain weapon, and if it is not on open sale, then you can leave a request to the service manager, and he will try to resolve your request and notify you about the terms of the transaction and the time for implementation, the same applies and other items from the online MMO RPG.

We will analyze each service separately and the potential risks and guarantees.

Sale of gold

To buy game gold, you only need to select your game and server, and then Skycoach managers and suppliers will do everything.

Gold can be transferred in several ways, and make sure that the game administration does not suspect a transaction and treats the exchange as a standard two-player action.

  1. Exchange between players. A common method in which the service uses its character to transfer the currency to the client directly through a standard exchange. In order for the transaction to go through safely, it is important that the gold is pure – that is, mined by an honest grind, and not by AI programs and as a result of hacking another player – you don’t have to worry about this, since the Skycoach service works with its suppliers and does not use third-party programs. Subject to all security measures and the transfer of any item in response to the exchange, it ensures 99% security of the transaction from the intervention of the game administration.
  1. Sending the ordered gold by paid, or free mail if such functionality is implemented in your game. This is sending a letter to the player with gold attached, or sending an insignificant product with a ransom amount equal to the number of coins purchased so that the service redeems them and thereby closes its part of the transaction.
  1. Creation and redemption of a lot through the auction system. Many MMO RPGs have an auction and commission system that allows players to sell and buy goods without leaving their character with an open personal shop. For services, this is a great opportunity to deliver goods to their customers. The fact is that the game administration does not interfere in the pricing policy and you yourself determine which product to bet for which amount, even if it is absolutely unrealistic. Players must determine prices and make decisions themselves, so the player simply puts any item for the amount of gold purchased, and the service simply buys the lot, completing its part of the transaction.
What is the help service for players in MMO RPGs and other online projects

Level Up

You simply choose a game and indicate the limit you want to achieve.

For World of Warcraft, this is often level 60 or 70.

60 is needed to independently go to the Dragon Islands, bypassing the need to grind long-passed content.

Level 70 is ordered by those who want to immediately go to the end-game content, bypassing quests and introductory tasks for the development of the islands and go straight to the top raids and zones in order to quickly close the gap with the best players of your faction and the server as a whole.

The service is provided by transferring the account to a professional player.

This is necessary for two reasons:

  1. The booster can provide pumping at a fast pace and focus only on itself, without the need to direct you and your actions, which may affect the speed of the service.
  2. You are completely exempt from participation in the process of obtaining levels and can fully go about your business until you receive a notification about the completion of the service.

The service provides a full guarantee of the safety of all property and the entire account as a whole and will reimburse all costs in case of disputes.

As a nice bonus, the booster will leave all the extracted materials and gold that were obtained in the process of performing the service.


You can agree on and start taking full-fledged training in the game in the selected class.

If you have not yet decided on the choice or doubt, the coach will first consult to determine your style of play and the goals you want to achieve.

You will be trained not only to press buttons and skills at the right time, but also to understand the general logic of character control in general, so that you can adapt to any character and play in any meta, even if your character is severely weakened.

Tactics in PVP and actions when playing on melee and ranged heroes, the general principle of farming raids, the main factors in determining a good area for pumping and other useful knowledge.

The aim of the Skycoach trainer is to teach you the general mechanics and knowledge applicable to every MMO RPG, not just WoW.

Emphasis is placed on leadership and personal confidence, combined with calmness, because the character who later exhausted key abilities, especially those that ensure survival, always wins.

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