All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield

All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield

Starfield features a ton of merchants and stores where you can buy and sell items, but the Trade Authority is one of the few places you can actually sell contraband. Does that make them a bit shady? Yes. Do you still need their services? Also, yes.

Knowing where exactly to find the Trade Authority’s shops and kiosks is quite important. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do the best job of mapping out all these locations. This article covers All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield along with how to get to them.

All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield

All Trade Authority Shop Locations

The Den Trade Authority Shop

The Den is a satellite orbiting the planet Chthonia in the Wolf System. To get to it, you must first travel to the Wolf System. This system is directly northeast of Alpha Centauri. Once there, locate the satellite and get close enough to hail it.

Wait for the all-clear before docking onto the Den. Then get off your ship and head straight past the Ship Services Technician until you reach a railing. Look to your right for a little storefront cut into the wall. This is the Trade Authority Shop on The Den.

The Well Trade Authority Shop

The Trade Authority in New Atlantis is a bit trickier to find. It’s located in the lower district under New Atlantis. Called The Well, this place is home to all the poorer citizens. To get there, take the train from New Atlantis to the MAST District. From there, head right in search of an elevator. 

Take the elevator down to the Well. In the Well, make your way past the Med Bay until you reach Kay’s House. There’s a small passageway directly opposite this establishment. Go through and you’ll see “Trade Authority” printed on the wall above you.

Cydonia Trade Authority Shop

All Cydonia buildings have the same plain white signs, meaning you can’t rely on the Trade Authorities’ iconic yellow branding to find them. Instead, make your way into the mining colony on Cydonia. 

Head straight past the Broken Spear on the right. You’ll come across a long ramp. Head down it. At the end of the lamp, turn right. You’ll see a door with a white sign above it marking it as a “Trade Authority Outpost.”

Neon Trade Authority Shop

This Trade Authority shop is just inside Neon and super easy to find. Simply travel to Neon and head straight to where the elevators are. 

Take an elevator from the Spaceport to Neon proper and look left. You’ll see a massive, neon yellow sign announcing the Trade Authority’s presence on the building directly in front of you. 

Akila City Trade Authority Shop

There’s another Trade Authority in Akila City, although this one is a bit hidden. To get there, first make your way into the settlement through the Akila town gates.

Then look to your right for the bar called the Hitching Post. There will be a Galbank right beside this bar on the left. In the middle of these two buildings is a little alleyway. Go through it and turn left. You’ll find the Trade Authority. 

The Key Trade Authority

Now, this one is a bit less known, but there is a Trade Authority on the small dockable station known as the Key in the Kryx System. The Crimson Fleet patrols this system, so you must join them to get in.

To do this, commit a minor crime in New Atlantis and get arrested. You’ll be tasked with sneaking into the Crimson Fleet undercover. Once you do so, you’ll get access to the Key.

All Trade Authority Kiosk Locations

The Den Trade Authority Kiosk

The Trade Authority kiosk on the Den is fairly easy to find. Simply head straight from the docking port until you see the Ship Services Technician. He’ll be saying something about Heatleeches, but you can ignore him.

Instead, look to his left. You’ll see a couple of boxes with the kiosk in question.

New Atlantis Trade Authority Kiosk

This is the first Trade Authority kiosk you can encounter in the game. To get to it, make your way to New Atlantis’ Spaceport. 

Then locate the Ship Services Technician and look right. You’ll see the kiosk you’re looking for.

Cydonia Trade Authority Kiosk

For this Trade Authority Kiosk, make your way to Cydonia, but don’t enter the mining colony. Instead, locate the Ship Services Technician’s outpost just next to the entrance of Cydonia – Central Hub.

The outpost resembles a small shack. You’ll find the Cydonia Trade Authority Kiosk along the balcony before its entrance.

Neon Trade Authority Kiosk

You’ll find this Trade Authority kiosk outside the city of Neon. Make your way to the Neon spaceport and disembark from your ship. Look to the left to locate the Ship Services Technician’s hub. 

This is a small shack on the left side of your platform. Walk in, and you’ll find the kiosk attached to one of the walls.

Akila City Trade Authority Kiosk

The Akila City kiosk is a bit further away than the others. To get to this kiosk, land at the spaceport and go towards the city gates. 

Head down the path ahead, keeping an eye on your right for the familiar yellow of the Trade Authority. You’ll eventually see the Trade Authority Kiosk just outside the Ship Services Technician’s hub.

All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield


You can find Trade Authority shops and kiosks in Neon, the Den, New Atlantis, Akila City, and Cydonia. There’s even a Trade Authority shop on the Crimson Fleet-patrolled space station, the Key. We hope this detailed article on All Trade Authority Locations in Starfield helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.