How To Fix WWE 2K24 Crashing

[Solved] WWE 2k24 Stuck at 60FPS

WWE 2K24 delivers thrilling wrestling action, bringing your favorite superstars and epic matches to life. However, if you’re a PC gamer who likes to push graphical limits, you might notice that the game feels locked at 60 frames per second (FPS), even if your powerful rig can handle way more. Sadly, this isn’t a glitch or an easy settings fix.

Why the 60 FPS Limit?

The game engine powering WWE 2K24 has a built-in frame rate cap of 60 FPS. This means no matter how much horsepower you throw at it, you won’t be able to break that barrier. Here’s why developers often do this:

  • Smoothness and Stability: Wrestling games have a lot going on – complex animations, multiple characters on screen, and fast-paced action. Capping the frame rate can help ensure a consistent, smooth experience, especially on consoles.
  • Fairness in Online Play: If frame rates were uncapped, players with super-powerful PCs would have a slight advantage in online matches due to smoother gameplay. A cap helps level the playing field.
[Solved] WWE 2k24 Stuck at 60FPS

Is There Any Hope?

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that the developers will remove the 60 FPS cap in WWE 2K24. It’s a core part of how the game’s engine is designed. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

While ultra-high frame rates are awesome, WWE 2K24 can still look incredible at 60 FPS, especially if you crank up other graphical settings.

The modding community is often brilliant at finding workarounds. It’s possible that down the line, a clever modder might figure out how to unlock the frame rate.

Perhaps the next installment in the WWE 2K series will be built with a more flexible engine that allows for higher frame rates.

Final Words

While the 60 FPS cap might be a slight bummer for PC players with powerful setups, don’t let it ruin your WWE 2K24 experience. Focus on the amazing roster, creating your own superstar, and pulling off insane wrestling moves. After all, the thrill of the match is what counts!

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