Can You Drive a Car While Wearing Apple Vision Pro?

Can You Drive a Car While Wearing Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro has created a buzz with its innovative features, but one important question arises: Can you drive a car while wearing Apple Vision Pro? Let’s explore the safety considerations and legal aspects.

Can You Drive a Car While Wearing Apple Vision Pro?

Safety Guidelines

Apple’s Warning

Apple emphasizes never using the Apple Vision Pro while driving. The device is designed for stationary or low-movement activities to ensure user safety.

Risk of Distraction

Wearing AR glasses while driving can increase the risk of distraction, leading to accidents. The display may divert your attention from the road.

Collision Risk

The risk of collision is heightened when moving at higher speeds, posing a danger to both the driver and others on the road.

Prohibited Activities

Running or engaging in activities that require full attention while wearing Apple Vision Pro is discouraged to prevent accidents.

Man Pulled Over for Driving while wearing Apple Vision Pro

Illegal in Many Places

Driving with AR devices, including Apple Vision Pro, is likely to be illegal in many jurisdictions. Laws generally prohibit the use of screens or devices that obstruct the driver’s view.

Distracted Driving Laws

Most regions have strict distracted driving laws, and wearing AR glasses can be considered a violation of these laws.

Safety Concerns

Regulators are likely to restrict the use of AR devices while driving due to safety concerns and the potential for accidents.


While the Apple Vision Pro offers exciting possibilities, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. The device is not intended for use while driving, and doing so may lead to legal consequences. As technology evolves, laws and regulations may adapt, but as of now, driving with Apple Vision Pro is strongly discouraged and likely illegal in many places.

Always adhere to local laws and prioritize safety on the road. If you need information or assistance while driving, pull over to a safe location before using any device, including the Apple Vision Pro.

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