Can't Save and Change Emote Wheel in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Season 2 Bug: Can’t Save and Change Emote Wheel

Emotes allow your character to perform specific actions, by either pressing the E button on your Keyboard or the D-Pad on the controller. Typically, it brings up an Emote Wheel where you can select your Emote and let the character perform the action.

In the latest, Diablo 4 Season 2 Update, players couldn’t save or change the Emote Wheel because of a known bug. There are 8 Emotes that you can place in the Emote wheel at a time, limiting the use. But, you can change that and put different emotes on them.

Due to the Diablo 4 Bug, you can’t Save or Change the Emotes in the Emote Wheels. Hence, you are stuck with the same emotes till the issue gets fixed.

Can’t Save and Change Emote Wheel in Diablo 4

What is the reason behind New Emotes Not Saving in the Emote Wheel?

After the recent update of Diablo 4, this bug was found where players couldn’t even change the emotes, as they were not saving in the emote wheel. This update brought other issues to the game including lags and inventory freezes.

Can you Fix the Can’t Save and Change Emote Wheel Bug in Diablo 4?

No, you can’t fix the issue on your own. Some problems are from the servers, triggering events like this. Therefore, there is no clear info on fixing it yourself, and an update from the developers can fix Can’t Save and Change Emote Wheel Bug in Diablo 4.

But still, you can try different strategies to give a try like;

  • Disabling Crossplay: Go to the settings and from there Disable the Crossplay in Diablo 4
  • Verify Game Files: For Steam: Steam>Steam Library>Right Click Diablo 4>Properties>Files>Verify Integrity of Game Files. For Search>Diablo 4>Right Click>Repair Files
  • Game and Driver Updates: Use Nvidia Experience to update your Nvidia GPU Drivers. Use AMD Adrenaline to update your AMD GPU Drivers. Type in Updates on Windows Search and it will update the other drivers.
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall: Diable the Antivirus and Firewall, or whitelist, as it will allow the game files to run properly.

In Short: The Diablo 4 Season 2 Bug, where you Can’t Save and Change the Emote Wheel is a server-end problem that can’t be fixed from the front end. You will have to wait till a patch launches and fixes the issue. Or, you can try disabling the Crossplay, Verifying Game Files, Updating Game and Drivers, and Disabling Antivirus and Firewall.

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