Euphoria Season 3 - Are They Going To Replace Angus Cloud? Recasting Fez

Euphoria Season 3 – Are They Going To Replace Angus Cloud? Recasting Fez

Comlan Domingo who played Ali in Euphoria season 2 has revealed how Angus Cloud’s death has affected season 3. According to him, he was a strong part of the upcoming season and he had a central role as fan favorite “Fez”. The creators can decide to recast him, although Sam Levinson has not made the official announcement on the matter.

Are they going to recast Fez?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the casting of Fez. Discussions among the fans on Reddit have sparked rumors about the potential direction of Fez’s character. One of the fans proposed the idea of introducing Fez’s cousin or casting another actor with a resemblance to the late Angus Cloud. However, the fanbase believes that nobody can truly capture Fez’s essence, especially given the significant influence of Angus Cloud’s personality in shaping his character.

Sam Levinson revealed the real reason why he did not kill off Fez’s character in an interview with People magazine,

[When I told him Fez would die in a season 2 shootout] I could just see the blood kind of run out of his face. I think the hardest thing is when you have addiction issues — it’s about finding your purpose and finding your meaning in life. The one thing that I knew is he loved making this show. He loved the crew. He loved the actors. He loved everything about it. And I just thought, if this goes away, I don’t know what’s going to happen in his life. […] [I told my producing partners] I can’t do it. I can’t kill him. We got to keep him around. He’s too special. It doesn’t matter what the f—king story is. ”

Fez’s character was supposed to die in season one, but the actor’s real-life struggle with addiction halted Sam Levinson from killing him, he wanted to help the actor by keeping him around the cast members he adored and enjoyed working with.

Euphoria season 2 finale was wild, with Fez’s life on the line and Rue dealing with her sobriety. Nate’s messed up history got him and his dad Cal, in trouble, leading to the surprising arrest of his dad. We will also see what will happen to Maddie and Cassie. As the characters face unclear futures, fans are left wondering about love, redemption, and what’s next for season 3. There is also going to be a time jump that has fans curious about the fate of their favorite characters.

Final Words

As the Euphoria cast deals with the loss of Angus Cloud, the fate of Fez’s character hangs in uncertainty. Will the creators decide to recast, introducing a new chapter while respecting the late actor’s legacy? Only time will tell us the fate of the beloved character.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.