JJK 259 - Yuji and Aoi Todo vs Sukuna

[Mya Leaks] JJK 259 – Yuji and Aoi Todo vs Sukuna

Man, Gege Akutami is not playing around with this arc! Chapter 259 kicked off with some intense flashbacks. The chapter started with a training flashback.

JJK 259 - Yuji and Aoi Todo vs Sukuna

Training, But Not How You’d Expect

Yuji is desperate to get stronger, but Choso isn’t the greatest teacher as he confirmed that few chapters back in a flashback. Luckily, Kamo steps in for some serious Blood Manipulation 101. Yuji’s gotta master the basics of stopping bleeding and healing if he wants to survive. Yuji drops another bombshell: the second person he swapped with was Yuta!

Sukuna’s Ultimate Move

Sukuna unleashes his Malevolent Shrine domain expansion! It’s basically like being trapped inside a demonic pressure cooker, and Yuji has 99 seconds to find a way out or it’s lights out. Sukuna then adds insult to injury, launching a flaming arrow attack at Yuji. Yuji hardly managed to counter Sukuna’s domain using his simple domain. However, Sukuna managed to destroy Yuji’s simple domain along with his left foot.

Choso’s Sacrifice

Just as hope fades, Choso throws himself in front of the flames, creating a barrier of his blood to shield Yuji. It’s a heartbreaking moment. Choso apologizes for being a not-so-great teacher, while Yuji reminds him that just being there made him stronger. Choso’s last words are pure big brother vibes, assuring Yuji he’ll always be right beside him. Cue the waterworks!

JJK 259 - Yuji and Aoi Todo vs Sukuna

Another Brother Arrives

Aoi Todo, being the gloriously chaotic bestie he is, arrives just in time! Turns out, he and Mei Mei had a secret plan to use his Boogie Woogie technique to rescue those trapped in the domain. The catch? They can’t reveal this to Yuji, since any knowledge he has could leak to Sukuna because of their body possession connection.

But hey, there’s good news: using the domain expansion left Sukuna weaker! Yuji and Todo team up, channeling their “let’s beat up Mahito” energy. This fight’s far from over, and they just might be able to take advantage of Sukuna’s weakened state.

JJK 259 - Yuji and Aoi Todo vs Sukuna

Final Words

We are again back with the perfect bro duo fighting side by side against an evil cursed spirit. They both managed to defeat Mahito even though Mahito was super strong but Yuji surpassed him too. So, I think Aoi Todo and Yuji will be able to defeat Sukuna too. However, there is a high chance Aoi Todo will die too.

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