How To Diss Activision In 2 Mins (A Simpsons Artist)

How To Diss Activision In 2 Mins (A Simpsons Artist)

A new gaming animation calls out mass-disliked B.S. like reboots, fees and microtransactions, taking down $70B titan (W)Activision in just 2 sweet mins. The Pitch Is WAC follows an indie game designer’s dream pitch at a top AAA company, not a million miles away from the multi-scandal “CODfathers.” The short sharply satirizes the greed and bloat of the modern gaming industry, questioning what lurks behind the recent mass layoffs and creative laziness. Check out the video here.

The wild takedown comes from the web series GlitchCraft, a twisted comedy cartoon about the collision of life and technology created by a top story artist from The Simpsons. A hilarious adult animated take on gamers, the series of shorts makes fun of gaming industry bosses while showing love for the devs, the fans and the artform.

How To Diss Activision In 2 Mins (A Simpsons Artist)

Championing Indie Gaming Creatives

The series follows ELIKA, an Asian-American gamer, designer and spiller of gaming industry tea. She loves playing games – online, on her phone, and especially with your head.

Elika is a character of humanity in an AI era, who navigates her goal of creating original games with the realities of the market. Her funny perspective and chaotic personality defy stereotypes, showcasing her vision and wit. Elika finds the bright side of gaming and the fun in bugs. After all, “Life’s A Glitch!”

The Funny Side of Video Games

Elika crosses paths with “WACTIVISION,” an imaginary AAA game giant emblematic of certain unpopular business trends. Like some real-world counterparts, they are always in the news for the wrong reasons: zero originality, zero respect for gamers, burning studios & staff while enabling toxic bosses. Wactivision takes it to the next level, combining the comic

incompetence of the Looney Tunes’ ACME Corp with the apocalyptic menace of Skynet from The Terminator.

“Wac’s vision is to become the only gaming company. We work everyday to meet the very lowest standards for quality assurance and customer satisfaction, proud to exemplify the very worst practices.”

Elika’s story explores the inner workings of the gaming industry through a satirical lens. With funny critiques and insightful hot takes, the series aims to provoke thought and spark conversations about the evolving landscape of game development.

About GC

GlitchCraft is led by passionate creators brought together by their love for gaming, animation and comedy. With a promise of delivering entertaining and thoughtful content, they aim to hold up a mirror to modern gaming and connect with the community through laughter.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games