Is Kusakabe Dead in JJK 254?

Is Kusakabe Dead in JJK 254?

I know we’re all still reeling from JJK Chapter 253. Maki’s down, others are out of the picture, and it left Kusakabe literally as the last line of defense against a terrifyingly strong Sukuna. The leaks for JJK 254 are out, and… let’s just say they don’t make things any easier to process.

Kusakabe vs Sukuna

254 throws us right back into the action! Kusakabe, knowing he’s in WAY over his head, still unleashes his Simple Domain. Even Sukuna is a tiny bit impressed, and at first, Kusakabe manages to hold his own. It even brings up a flashback where other characters hype up Kusakabe’s skills – turns out he’s been hiding just how good he really is.

But let’s be real, this is Sukuna we’re talking about. Kusakabe pushes himself to the limit, sword breaks, he’s throwing punches, but it’s clearly not enough. Seeing him fight so desperately, knowing he’s got debts he wants to repay… it’s honestly heartbreaking.

Is Kusakabe Dead in JJK 254?

The Gut-Punch Moment

Kusakabe tries one last, clever move, and then it happens – Sukuna just swats him away like it’s nothing. We see Kusakabe injured, possibly fatally. Ui Ui tries to help, but Sukuna’s not letting anyone get in his way. It feels like a total sucker punch! Kusakabe put up an incredible fight, but… was it all for nothing?

Miguel Arrival

Just as everything seems hopeless, BOOM! Miguel shows up to challenge Sukuna! Who IS this guy? He clearly knows Sukuna, but we’ve seen so little of him. This surprise entrance at least saves Ui Ui, but what about Kusakabe?

So, About Kusakabe’s Fate…

This is where it gets tough. That wound looks BAD. We don’t know if Kusakabe can heal himself, and unless help arrives literally right now, it doesn’t look good. Gege isn’t afraid to pull the rug out from under us, and Kusakabe isn’t exactly a major character.

I’m betting Yuji and/or Yuta are going to make a comeback soon, ready to take on Sukuna again. Miguel also adds a whole new unpredictable element to this situation. JJK 255 is going to be absolutely wild, that’s for sure.

Final Words

Jujutsu Kaisen thrives on shocking moments and characters you care about getting hurt. Kusakabe, even if he wasn’t a major fan favorite, went down fighting for what he believed in. Seeing that kind of desperate heroism, only to have it maybe not be enough… that’s the kind of gut-punch this series is known for. It makes you scared for everyone, and THAT’S what keeps us hooked!

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