[Mya Leaks] JJK 256 - Black Flashes, Yuji's Awakening

[Mya Leaks] JJK 256 – Black Flashes, Yuji’s Awakening

Chapter 256 threw us some serious curveballs. We got Black Flash lore, a brutal Sukuna fight, and the hint that Yuji might just become THE strongest sorcerer yet. Let’s explore what we have learned from this chapter so far.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 256 - Black Flashes, Yuji's Awakening

Gojo’s Black Flash Secrets

Remember how everyone assumed Gojo could use Black Flash at will? Yeah, not so much. Flashback time, and Gojo’s admitting even HE can’t control it. Then, he mentions Nanami of all people having a better Black Flash track record, and that’s already mind-blowing.

But then…Gege straight-up says Yuji will eventually be THE Black Flash master, outdoing even Gojo. Is this our boy’s hidden ace against Sukuna? Honestly, I need a minute to process that.

Yuji, Choso, and Maki vs Sukuna

Back in the fight, and it’s not pretty. Injured or not, Sukuna’s finding his rhythm, and Miguel’s right – if Sukuna starts chaining Black Flashes, it’s over. The team makes a sick synchronized attack, but Sukuna’s untouchable. Maki gets close, and just when you think she’s got him…WHAM! Black Flash, followed by a nasty dismantle. Dude even hits Choso with his FOURTH in a row!

But hey, even when it feels impossible, they keep fighting. Choso’s blood armor? Epic. And Yuji landing a punch on Sukuna, maybe disrupting his power? Seems like Yuji’s the key to messing with all those Black Flash boosts. Oh, and bless up, Yuji finally learns Piercing Blood!

[Mya Leaks] JJK 256 - Black Flashes, Yuji's Awakening

Miguel Asks To Retreat

Miguel wants to retreat, but Larue’s like, “Nope, gotta finish this.” Turns out, his technique isn’t just physical – the dude can grab someone’s mind! This is how he pulls Sukuna away just as Yuji’s about to…

Yuji Awakens: Was That the Biggest Black Flash Yet?

Sukuna tries to beat down Yuji, who’s clearly figured out some new tricks. Suddenly, Yuji gets in the zone – you know that look.

Both Sukuna and the memory of Mahito sense a HUGE Black Flash coming. But Larue’s got Sukuna distracted, and Yuji lands a MONSTER hit! The chapter ends with “Itadori Yuji Awakens“!

[Mya Leaks] JJK 256 - Black Flashes, Yuji's Awakening

Final Words

Ugh, a break next week? The worst kind of torture! Did that hit take Sukuna down? What’s this “awakening” about for Yuji? Seriously, I need to talk this out with other fans right now!

What are YOUR theories? Let’s geek out in the comments, because I can’t handle this cliffhanger alone!

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