[Mya Leaks] JJK 253 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers – Maki vs Sukuna

[Mya Leaks] JJK 253 Leaked, Chapter Raw Scans – Is Maki Dead?

Recently, there have been significant developments in Japan regarding the unauthorized leaking of manga, particularly popular titles like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’ Every week the chapter was leaked before the official release date.

Japanese authorities have taken action against individuals suspected of leaking manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, including ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘One Piece.’ These individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.

JJK 253 will officially be released on 10th March as the chapter was delayed. However, it is leaked by our prominent leaker Mya on Twitter.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 253 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers – Maki vs Sukuna

JJK 253 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers

JJK 253 begins with a flashback, Jujutsu sorcerers discussing who is the strongest first-grade sorcerer and everybody naming Kusakabe-san.

After this chapter goes back to Maki vs Sukuna’s point of view. Sukuna slashes Maki again, however, Maki dodges it again. The fight started to gain some momentum, Sukuna kept trying to slash Maki and she kept dodging the attacks of Sukuna.

Sukuna finally grabs Maki but Ino enters the battlefield to protect Maki. However, Sukuna sends him back using his slashes.

Maki tries to join the fight again and tries to attack Sukuna, she realized that even if Yuta joins the battle back it will be too late and Sukuna will recover all his cursed energy and he will be impossible to defeat.

After Gojos death, Kashimo, Higuruma & Yuta entertained Sukuna with their gem like talents in Jujutsu. But Sukuna desired to face Maki the most, the one who threw away her Jujutsu with Heavenly Restrictions. The King of Curses was excited for this reality

Maki uses her insane strength to slash the piller and then kicks the pillar towards Sukuna and then vanishes using her super speed.

Sukuna then attacks Maki which tears off part of Maki’s face. Maki realizes Sukuna is no longer healing himself using RCT. Sukuna then compliments Maki that she is strong and better than half-cooked brat Yuji. Sukuna then uses the black flash on Maki.

Maki is thrown out of battle and now only Kusakabe is left on the battlefield. Kusakabe then looks around to see if any Jujutsu Sorcerer is remaining he searches for Yuji and Choso, realizes Mei-mei won’t fight then finally realizes he has no choice but to fight Sukuna now.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 253 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers – Maki vs Sukuna

Is Maki Dead in JJK 253?

No, Maki is not dead it takes more than one black flash to kill Maki. She is just injured and will recover soon and join the fight again. Meanwhile, Yuta is also recovering and Yuji will also join the fight in the next chapter. For now next chapter is going to be Kusakabe vs Sukuna.

Final Words

“Am I really gonna do it? Me kill Sukuna?”


Kusakabe now needs to stall Sukuna and hold him till Yuta is recovered and can join the fight again. Let’s see in the next chapter how well Kusakabe does against Sukuna. There is a break, so don’t expect JJK 254 to arrive next week.

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