What is Sukuna's Full Form and How Powerful is He? Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK)

What is Sukuna’s Full Form and How Powerful is He? Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK)

Everyone knows JJK by now because of all the deaths we have witnessed and probably because Sukuna is slapping everyone coming his way. Everybody loves a strong villain in the series, especially in a power-driven series like Jujutsu Kaisen. But, what if I told you there is even a higher form of Sukuna, yet to reveal itself in the story? Yes, we are talking about the Sukuna’s Full Form which is not like any human being we have seen so far in Jujutsu Kaisen. How Powerful is He in that form, What does it look like? Well, we got all the details here in our article. So, let’s jump straight to the details here.

What is Sukuna’s Full Form?

Have you seen one of those depicted deities with 4 arms, multiple eyes, and a powerful body? Well, that is exactly what the Sukunas’ Full Form is. He is just like “Vishnu“, having a strong physical appearance, 4 arms, and multiple eyes as well.

While Vishnu has a mace and a club in his hand, Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen is also seen with his main weapon being the mace. He also holds a Trident in his arm, as seen in some manga images of the story.

It further allows him to use various Curses and Hand Signs in the series, because of him having 4 arms at once. While normal sorcerers can use 1 curse technique at once because of 2 hands, Sukuna can perform multiple of those techniques/hand signs because of 4 arms.

Sukuna's Full Form in JJK - 4 arms, 4 eyes and a mouth on belly. Also, he has two weapons, Vishnu's Mace and Trident.

When did Sukuna Achieve Full Form?

When both Sukuna and Sitorou Gojo went toe to toe in the series, the strongest sorcerers so far seen, where Sukuna did have his share of blows, but in the end, the one who got cut in half was Gojo himself, Gojo Dying in the process.

Later on, we also learned that Sukuna was actually not using all of his strength, probably because of personal reasons, or his physical form not being at its peak.

When the fight between Sukuna and Gojo resulted in Sukuna being the one standing still, Kashimo stepped onto the battlefield, trying to achieve victory over Sukuna.

Kashimo isn’t your average JJK Sorcerer, as he is also one of the strongest in the series, and wanted to test all his Electric Sorceries on King of Curses Sukuna, for a long time.

As a result of all this, in the end, Sukuna achieves his Full Form, AKA the True Form, bringing him to his peak performance in the series.

Not to forget, Sukuna had various vessels or bodies to reincarnate himself in the series, and finally, he got his true form through the Magumi’s Body, whom he made the vessel.

At the end of Chapter 237 of JJK, we also witnessed the visual representation of Sukuna’s Full Form, where he surprised everyone, including the audience and the sorcerers.

Why didn’t Sukuna use Full Form while fighting Gojo?

Sukuna isn’t your average villain who is all power and no brain, rather is the exact opposite. The King of Curses, Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen is the strongest, but also the smartest amongst the Sorcerers.

He had all this planned from the Beginning and to kill Gojo, he also used his brains on top of his powers. While fighting Gojo himself, he had a hidden power or a trump card that could be used to achieve victory in case others jumped to help Gojo, like Yuta and Maki, as both are extremely powerful as well.

That trump card was his True Form, which he activated, later on, to take control over everything and tell the world that “King of Curses Sukuna is finally back”.

Sukuna vs Kashimo - The moment Sukuna revealed his Full Form

How Powerful is Sukuna in His Full Form?

As I mentioned before, Sukuna isn’t a regular human being in his Full Form. He is physically buffed and has 4 arms, 2 weapons, and 4 eyes. All of this makes him a double of a regular human being.

On top of all this, there is a reason behind him having that form, as he can cast multiple curse techniques at once, use weapons while using the cursed techniques, and have a watch over everything that is happening around him.

In one arm, he has his Trident, while in the other arm, he has Vishnu’s Mace. While the Trident isn’t available, he will wield it in the future. All of this was absent when fighting Gojo by the way, so we don’t know exactly the full extent of Sukuna’s Power in the Full Form.

Some notable feats of Sukuna are;

  • Copying other’s techniques
  • He can use Cleave
  • Dismantle Opponents
  • Immunity against Cursed Techniques
The extent of Sukuna's Power are unknown in his True Form, as he didn't use it while fighting Gojo, who was considered the strongest sorcerer.

Who will defeat Sukuna in his Full Form?

Honestly, it isn’t something that the viewers know, because as of right now, not even Yuji, Yuta, and Maki, combining their powers and using everything on top can defeat Sukuna.

But, this is Jujutsu Kaisen we are talking about, anything can happen. It isn’t your usual DBZ fight where power is the ultimate source. JJK is more like HxH (Hunter x Hunter), where techniques, utilization of power, and brains also matter.

Therefore, in my own guess, there is something out there that sorcerers can utilize to either lock Sukuna again or deprive him of his powers.

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