Is Goku Dumb? Reasons Why It Might Not Be the Case

Is Goku Dumb? Reasons Why It Might Not Be the Case

Goku is a really chill and super-good-natured dude. Due to his funny personality, and always taking one step ahead to help others, he is weighed negatively on the scale. That is probably why Goku is also often labeled dumb. But, in reality, it might not be the case at all. Here are some reasons why Goku is not Dumb in Dragon Ball Series.

Goku is the main character of the series Dragon Ball, regarded as the best shonen anime in existence. The anime started way back in 1989 when it premiered on Fuji TV for the very first time.

The Dragon Ball Anime got a ton of recognition around the globe because of the spectacular transformations, power scaling, and character designs. Nevertheless, it has been more than 3 decades and still gets more hype than any other Anime on the planet.

Why is Goku Regarded as an Idiot?

During Goku’s Adventures, we had various instances where Goku didn’t think things through, getting straight into combat without actually looking at the consequences.

The other instances aside, he is always looking out for fights and wants to brawl with stronger opponents. He just loves it and doesn’t think beforehand. But, after he gets in combat, he always uses his mind to have an upper hand.

One of these instances is that Trunks warned Goku of the condition, but didn’t get the medication for heart virus, suffering the consequences.

Goku being an idiot and dying of Heart Disease.

Another instance is where Goku wanted to fight stronger opponents and made Zeno organize the Tournament of Power. He didn’t take into account the fate of other Universes or his own family here.

Reasons Why Goku Isn’t Dumb

As we already mentioned, Goku has a big brain when he starts fighting and gets into combat. But, before the combat, he was probably an idiot or dumb person. Below, we have some instances that make Goku a smarter character.

  • In the Future Trunks Arc, Goku doesn’t use the Kaioken initially but rather saves it for the end of the arc. The first reason is that when it finally does use it, the Kamehameha disables the arms for a while. The second reason here is Goku Black. After briefly fighting SSB Vegeta, Goku Black learns the techniques to get into the Super Sayain Rose, the counter of Super Sayain Blue. Goku Black also saw Instant Transmission once and replicated it. So, Goku saved Kaioken for the end-game, so that Goku Black doesn’t copy it.
  • Goku learning techniques instantly after learning them in combat. One example of that can be the Beerus Hakai, and Goku learned it instantly after witnessing it.
  • In the Cell fight, he was about to explode, taking everyone with him. But, Goku took him to King Kai’s Planet, where the damage could be literally least.
  • The Super Sayain Blue and Kaioken together were going to tear the Goku’s body apart. But, Goku somehow learned to keep it intact by learning about techniques and his body.
  • Goku was a literal genius to make Frieza get into the Universe 7 Team. He knew what he was doing here, while others didn’t.
Reasons Why Goku Isn't Dumb as people found him to be.

Also, did you know that Goku did various Jobs for a Living? He might be one of the strongest in the Universe, but he had to earn his way up.

So, Is Goku That Dumb or He Shows It That Way?

There are two parts to this question. Yes, Goku is Dumb when it comes to everything outside fighting. But, he is a Genius when he goes in combat or gets inside fights.

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