All Jobs Goku Did for a Living

All Jobs Goku Did for a Living

Goku might be one of the strongest beings in the Universe, and no doubt the strongest person to be alive on Earth, but he has to get a job and earn a living as well. Here, we are going to share with you All Jobs Goku Did for a Living, listing them one by one. Let’s get to the details below.

Why does Goku have to get a Job?

Goku is a fairly decent person. He doesn’t want to use his strength to get money, and neither he cares for that. After Goku made a deal with Chichi that he can let Gohan use the Time Chamber, in exchange for Goku getting a job, things started to change.

This is one of the instances, in which Goku originally got a job way before he even grew up to be the one we all admire. Another fair reason for Goku getting a job is that Chichi wasn’t a normal household, instead of that overpowered, superhero family.

She wants her children to grow up normally, study, and make a living. She does want a fortune, but not from dominating the universe. Goku, on the other hand, listens to her, because, as we already mentioned, he doesn’t care.

He wants to fight strong opponents and those aren’t found on Earth, as a matter of fact, he can have all fortune for himself, but he doesn’t want that.

What profession does Goku have for a Living?

Goku has been in different fields, doing different Jobs, but he was mostly found a farmer, trading, farming, and doing pretty well. He was offered money from Mr. Satan himself as well, making him rich and not caring about working as a normal person.

All Jobs Goku Did for a Living

Throughout the series, Goku has had different Jobs for a living. It was done to either support his family on the Milk’s Request or improve his abilities as a child.

Milk Delivery Boy

During his training with Master Roshi, Goku was a Milk Delivery Boy. Goku, along with his Best Friend Krillin, were wandering around the City, delivering the Milk.

Milk Delivery Boy Goku


While Goku was seen Farming when he was old enough, he also did Farming in his youth, with Master Roshi. Both Krillin and Goku did farming as a part of training with Master Roshi. In Dragon Ball Super, he was seen back to Farming as a Living Means, on request of Milk.

After Majin Bu’s Defeat, he did farming to support his family on request of Milk. He Harvested Vegetables, and other things, selling them around the city for some money.

Goku Farming

Construction Worker

Goku was also a Construction Worker, during his training with Master Roshi, as a child.

Goku Construction Worker

Fire Fighter

In 1988, there was a special Broadcast of Dragon Ball Z, Goku, and his Friends taught viewers how to act in case of a Fire.

Goku Fire Fighter

Martial Artist/Saving World

Everyone knows that Goku loves fighting and training for that. Therefore, his favorite profession was nevertheless, a Martial Artist. It didn’t provide him with any income, but he was known for that, even by various rich personalities like Mr. Satan, who provided him with financial support.

Goku Martial Artist/Saving World

Hercule Bodyguard

Hercule named Goku his bodyguard, giving him a permanent job, as well as a source of Income for Living. In the episode where Arale Breaks into the DBZ Universe again.

Goku Hercule Bodyguard

So, this winds up our list of All Jobs Goku Did for a Living. If he had to work and earn honestly, we have to do it too. It’s what life is all about. Helping yourself, and helping others with a fair heart, even if no one notices it.

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