Will Mark Wahlberg appear in the Ted Prequel Series?

Ted TV Series: Will Mark Wahlberg appear in the Ted Prequel Series?

Ted 3 is not happening any time soon. But, Peacock has good news for the fans of the Ted movies. The prequel series based on the movies will be released this year. Seth MacFarlane’s Ted quickly became a fan favorite when the first movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis was released in 2012. The sequel “Ted 2” also hit the cinemas in 2015 receiving the same love and appreciation as the first one.

The first two movies follow the life of John Bennet, a man who wishes his childhood Teddy to come alive surprisingly, John’s wish becomes true. John and Ted become inseparable. But John’s wife is not supportive of his friendship with a soft toy and wants him to get rid of it. The first movie proved to be a big hit and managed to earn 549.4 million dollars at the box office.

However, the second movie did not include Mila Kunis’s character Lori. Kunis revealed why she did not return for the second movie because she was pregnant at the time. The sequel introduced a love interest for Teddy and both of them got married. Also, the couple decided to have children but could not as Ted was considered to be Government’s property. Both John and Ted hire an amateur lawyer played by Amanda Seyfried to fight for his rights. The sequel managed to accumulate over 200 million dollars at the box office in 2015. So, it makes sense why MacFarlane wants to revive the franchise with a series.

Will Mark Wahlberg appear in the Ted Prequel Series?

Ted Prequel Series Release Date

There is no release date for the series. Ted series was first announced in mid-2021. The series will debut on Peacock. The filming of the series started in August 2022 and is wrapped. The series is being produced by Fuzzy Door Productions and MRC. Seth MacFarlane, who voiced Ted in the movies, is the creator of the show. There will be 10 episodes.

Ted Prequel Series Plot

According to Seth MacFarlane, the movie gives the viewers a glimpse into John’s and Ted’s life before the movie. According to Seth, the series is set in 1993 going through adolescence troubles together. He said that he wanted to have the series the feel of growing up in the 90s. According to MacFarlane, the series will follow the tone of the movies. He said;

 “I think people who’ve enjoyed the first movie and enjoyed that tone are going to be pretty happy with what we’re doing here.”

Is Mark Wahlberg going to be in the series?

Mark Wahlberg played the older John Bennet in the movies. Fans are curious to know if the original cast would be returning for the series. It is not likely for Wahlberg to appear in the series as it will focus on the adolescent John. Mila Kunis who also voiced “Meg Griffin’ in the Family Guy and appeared in the first movie, will not be appearing in the series. But, it seems like the show will be a fun ride for the fans of the movies.

Will Mark Wahlberg appear in the Ted Prequel Series?


Seth MacFarlane would be voicing the beloved Ted. Macfarlane is known for creating Family Guy and also voiced Peter Griffin. Max Burkholder is playing the younger John in the series. The actor has appeared in Family Guy, My Friends Tiger and Pooh, and The Land Before Time. Alanna Ubach is playing young John’s mother. She has appeared in Fool’s Paradise and Euphoria.

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