JJK 253 Leaks, Release Date, and Spoilers - When Will Chapter Be Leaked?

JJK 253 Leaks, Release Date, and Spoilers – When Will Chapter Be Leaked?

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 253 is officially set to hit shelves on March 10th, 2024. Recently, there have been significant developments in Japan regarding the unauthorized leaking of manga, particularly popular titles like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’ Every week the chapter was leaked before the official release date.

Japanese authorities have taken action against individuals suspected of leaking manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, including ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘One Piece.’ These individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. JJK 252 was recently leaked by the prominent leaker Mya on Twitter as usual.

In the chapter, Maki faced Sukuna meanwhile Yuta was rescued by UI UI teleportation cursed technique.

When Will JJK 253 Be Leaked – Release Date

JJK 253 will be leaked 4 days prior to the official release date, on 6th or 7th March, 2024. Nobody knows who leaks the chapter and how it is leaked. Mya on twitter translates the chapter as soon as he receive the chapter. Most of the twitter accounts that were leaking JJK and One Piece mangas were suspended.

As we mentioned above, JJK 253 will be officially released on 10th March, 2024 as there is no break next week.

JJK 253 Leaks, Release Date, and Spoilers - When Will Chapter Be Leaked?

JJK 253 Leaks and Spoilers

As we predicted before, Soul Splitter Katana will damage Sukuna. He cannot heal using RCT as this sword was meant to hurt his soul not the body.

Yuta was saved by UI UI, however, he can still join the battle again. It was their plan all along for Maki to intervene as soon as Yuta gives the signal to do. Yuta’s domain being nullified was the signal to Maki to stab Sukuna as this was the perfect opportunity.

Maki is similar to Toji in many ways, due to heavenly restriction they both are stronger than other Jujutsu sorcerers physically and they can move really fast because of speed buff. However, they both cannot use cursed energy or technique as they don’t have it.

With Maki holding her own against Sukuna and Yuji determined to rejoin the fight, we will see more of buffed up Yuji and he is going to try to rescue Megumi again by using the same cursed technique as before.

Since Sukuna is weakned again because of the stab from Soul Splitter Katana, Yuji has a better chance of rescuing Megumi. But is Megumi willing to be rescued? As he has given up all hope. Yuji has to find some way to give Megumi hope again so he can take back his body from Sukuna.

Hakari vs Uraume

At the end of the chapter, point of view was changed to Hikari vs Uraume. With Hakari facing off against Uraume, fans are eager to see how his unique fighting style and playful personality will impact the overall battle.

Some speculate that he might even pull off a surprise victory. There is a high chance Hakari will end the battle in the next chapter and will join the others to fight Sukuna.

Given the high stakes of the battle, there is a high chance that someone is going to die in the upcoming chapter. We have predicted Maki is going to die in the upcoming chapter as Sukuna is going to use his domain expansion for sure.

These are just theories, and the actual events of chapter 253 might unfold differently.


JJK 253 Leaks, Release Date, and Spoilers - When Will Chapter Be Leaked?

Final Words

Let’s hope Maki can stand toe to toe against King of curses. I also hope that Hakari wins against Uraume as the fight has gone long enough, they should conclude the fight in the upcoming chapter so we can all focus on Sukuna battle completely. What do you think?

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