[Mya Leaks] JJK 251 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers - Maki is Here, Yuji Meets Megumi

[Mya Leaks] JJK 251 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers – Maki is Here, Yuji Meets Megumi

Recently, there have been significant developments in Japan regarding the unauthorized leaking of manga, particularly popular titles like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’ Every week the chapter was leaked before the official release date.

Japanese authorities have taken action against individuals suspected of leaking manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, including ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘One Piece.’ These individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.

JJK 251 will officially be released on 18th February as the previous chapter was delayed. However, it will be leaked by our prominent leaker Mya on Twitter in a few hours.

JJK 251 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers

JJK Chapter 251 started with Yuta punching Sukuna. Sukuna manages to dodge it. However, in that instant Yuji manages to attack Sukuna and deals a significant amount of damage to his face.

Sukuna was already shocked at how Yuta managed to copy his cursed technique. Yuta then explains how he never found the last finger.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 251 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers - Maki is Here, Yuji Meets Megumi

Yuji and Yuta continuously punched Sukuna as they realized this was their chance to defeat him once and for all and save Megumi. Sukuna is in defense mode, trying to evade the attacks. However, Yuji is too fast with his attacks.

Yuta and Yuji’s attacks are synchronized completely, making it hard for Sukuna to predict their attacks and dodge them.

Sukuna then tries to counter Yuta’s attacks. However, Yuta draws his sword and attacks Sukuna with more force. Sukuna then realizes his control over his Cursed Energy and Cursed Technique is slipping and he is weakening even more.

A flashback starts in which Yuji asks Angel how he can separate the souls using his cursed technique.

Yuji Meets Megumi

Yuji using his cursed technique, manages to break the barrier between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul and confronts Megumi. However, he is in despair and wants to die. Megumi has completely given up on his will to live.

Yuji tries to wake Megumi up. However, Sukuna uses three different types of cursed techniques to attack Yuji and Yuta, Dragon Scales, Repel, and Pair of Meteors.

Okkotsu, Rika, and Itadori didn’t predict this thus they failed to block this attack and Sukuna dealt significant damage to them.

Sukuna slashes Yuta and Yuji, manages to turn the tables and he is now winning the fight. At the end of the chapter, Maki arrives to save the day. However, she does not possess any cursed technique or energy.

An assault on the one confident of victory

Final Words

There is a break so the next chapter will air on 4th March, my birthday yay. However, it will be leaked before that like usual. Will Maki be able to defeat Sukuna or she will die just like others? Sukuna is way too strong if we compare Maki and Sukuna. She does not stand a chance. However, maybe Yuta and Maki planned something.

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