[Mya Leaks] JJK 250 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers - Is Sukuna Going To Die?

[Mya Leaks] JJK 250 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers – Is Sukuna Going To Die?

Recently, there have been significant developments in Japan regarding the unauthorized leaking of manga, particularly popular titles like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen.’ Every week the chapter was leaked before the official release date.

Japanese authorities have taken action against individuals suspected of leaking manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, including ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘One Piece.’ These individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.

JJK 250 will officially be released on 11th February as the previous chapter was delayed. However, it was leaked by our prominent leaker Mya on Twitter. Let’s discuss this chapter in detail.

JJK 250 Release Date

Time ZoneLocal Time
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12 am, 12th Feb
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)1:30 am, 12th Feb
Indian Standard Time (IST)8:30 pm, 11th Feb
Philippine Standard Time (PST)11 pm, 11th Feb
Central European Summer Time (CEST)4 pm, 11th Feb
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)3 pm, 11th Feb
Eastern Standard Time (EST)10 am, 11th Feb
Pacific Standard Time (PST)8 am, 11th Feb

What happened in JJK 249?

Yuta uses his sword to attack Sukuna. However, Sukuna grabs the sword and dodges the attack. Yuta, however, gives another blow to Sukuna. Sukuna realizes he is not like the other opponents. As soon as Sukuna realizes this, Yuta uses Domain Expansion “AUTHENTICITY MUTUAL LOVE”, there are different translations for this domain expansion some are saying it’s “TRUE LOVE”.

As soon as he used domain expansion, we saw Sukuna on a cross and a lot of swords here and there. Pretty much like Itachi’s genjutsu. Sukuna then uses his cursed technique to create a circle shield inside his domain to protect himself.

However, as this is Yuta’s domain, he grabs one of the swords and attacks Sukuna, and deals damage to him. At the end of the chapter, we saw Yuji inside his domain too.

JJK 250 Leaks

So, finally, the leaks are here. JJK Chapter 250 begins with Yuta and Yuji facing Sukuna in the domain expansion of Yuta. In this domain, Yuta can use all the CT he copied using the swords lying around. However, once used the sword will disappear.

Yuji starts to punch Sukuna, meanwhile, Yuta sends the mini shikigami of Rika. Sukuna blocks Yuji’s punches but he can feel the punches’ effect on his soul. Yuta then sends Rika from above to attack Sukuna. However, Sukuna manages to evade his attack.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 250 Leaks, Chapter Raw Scan and Spoilers - Is Sukuna Going To Die?

Yuta uses Uro’s space-bending CT on Sukuna. Sukuna cannot use RCT because of his fight against Gojo. Sukuna also cannot use Domain Expansion right now.

Yuta can currently use these CT’s:

  • Angel’s Jacob Ladder
  • Uro’s spatial distortion
  • Applying a non-violable barrier on Rika’s trajectory
  • Toge’s Cursed Speech
  • Charles’ Future Prediction

Yuta uses Rika as a push for Yuji and pushes Yuji towards Sukuna. Sukuna manages to block the attack but still feels the attack’s effect on his soul. Sukuna is trying to hit the center of Sukuna’s soul where Megumi is sleeping lost and hopeless. Each punch weakens Sukuna’s soul and gives Megumi an upper hand over the body.

Yuji punches are draining the Cursed Energy inside Sukuna. Sukuna realizes that. Yuta uses the Speech Cursed Technique to freeze Sukuna followed by a Thin Ice Breaker cursed attack.

In that instant Rika attacks Sukuna and throws him away, Yuji and Yuta follow Sukuna and start facing him again. Sukuna after standing up counter attacks, slashes Yuji and Yuta, and kicks Rika in the face.

Yuji realizes that his effects are having an effect on Sukuna because of the domain expansion of Yuta which has put a sure hit on Sukuna.

Yuji and Yuta both realize that they need to end things quickly otherwise Sukuna will gain back his Cursed Energy. Because of Gojo he is weakened and they are managing against him somehow but it won’t last long.

Yuta then uses Yuta uses Charles’s cursed technique to see the future and then evades Sukuna’s attacks and counter-attacks Sukuna by kicking Sukuna in the face.

Sukuna is now scared and wonders if Yuta managed to copy Gojo’s cursed technique but then realizes that the only person who can do that is one who possess Six Eyes.

Yuta uses Sukuna’s cursed technique “Cleave” on Sukuna himself.


Final Words

Will Sukuna regain his cursed energy and domain expansion or will Yuji and Yuta will defeat Sukuna before that? We will find that out in the next upcoming chapter of JJK 251.

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