[Mya Leaks] JJK 249 Raw Scans and Chapter Leaks - Yuta Domain Expansion vs Sukuna

Is Yuta or Yuji Going To Die in JJK 250? Sukuna vs Yuta Final Battle

JJK 250 will officially be released on 11th February as the previous chapter was delayed. However, as usual, it will be leaked before by Mya, the leaker on Twitter. In the previous chapter, JJK 249, we saw Yuta using his domain expansion against Sukuna.

JJK 250 Release Date

Time ZoneLocal Time
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12 am, 12th Feb
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)1:30 am, 12th Feb
Indian Standard Time (IST)8:30 pm, 11th Feb
Philippine Standard Time (PST)11 pm, 11th Feb
Central European Summer Time (CEST)4 pm, 11th Feb
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)3 pm, 11th Feb
Eastern Standard Time (EST)10 am, 11th Feb
Pacific Standard Time (PST)8 am, 11th Feb
Is Yuta or Yuji Going To Die in JJK 250? Sukuna vs Yuta Final Battle

JJK 250 Leaks

Yuta vs Sukuna started and Sukuna started to realize how overwhelming this opponent is. Yuta uses his sword to attack Sukuna. However, Sukuna grabs the sword and dodges the attack. Yuta, however, gives another blow to Sukuna. Sukuna realizes he is not like the other opponents.

As soon as Sukuna realizes this, Yuta uses Domain Expansion “AUTHENTICITY MUTUAL LOVE”, there are different translations for this domain expansion some are saying it’s “TRUE LOVE”.

As soon as he used domain expansion, we saw Sukuna on a cross and a lot of swords here and there. Pretty much like Itachi’s genjutsu. Sukuna then uses his cursed technique to create a circle shield inside his domain to protect himself.

In the upcoming chapter JJK 250, we will see Yuji also joining the fight. Most likely Sukuna will be pushed back for a while until he starts a counterattack.

In the past few chapters, we have seen Sukuna annihilating some of the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerers. Gojo who was considered the strongest in the JJKverse was also killed. However, his body was teleported using Ui Ui ability and fans believe he might make a comeback.

Yuji will die and save Megumi

We saw in a previous chapter that Yuji managed to punch Sukuna and that dealt significant damage. Yuji punches can have effects on the victim’s soul.

Yuji now possesses the power to damage and capture the souls. In his fight with Mahito, fans predicted that he possessed a somewhat similar ability.

Yuji can deal a blow hard enough to Sukuna that will separate Sukuna from Megumi’s body and this way Yuji can save Megumi. But can Yuji really deal a blow strong enough to do that? We will find that in the next chapter.

There is a theory that Yuji will use his cursed technique to separate Sukuna and Megumi and then become Sukuna’s vessel again. He will kill himself to protect everyone from Sukuna.

[Mya Leaks] JJK 249 Raw Scans and Chapter Leaks - Yuta Domain Expansion vs Sukuna

Will Yuta Die?

As we mentioned before, a lot of strong Sorcerers died fighting Sukuna. Yuta is the strongest sorcerer left in the JJKverse now. He used his domain expansion on Sukuna and dealt significant damage to Sukuna. His cursed technique “Copy” is useful against Sukuna.

We have seen Sukuna countering Higuruma’s Domain Expansion because he had knowledge of how his domain expansion works. Sukuna also knows about Yuta and his cursed techniques from the past memories of Yuji and Megumi. However, Yuta never used his domain expansion before so he has no knowledge of Yuta’s domain expansion and this is their chance to kill Sukuna. But it’s Sukuna we are talking about, so it’s not hard to imagine that he can counter even Yuta’s domain expansion.

Final Words

For now, these are just theories, we will see what is going to happen in JJK Chapter 250, but it’s highly likely that either Yuji or Yuta will die in order to save JJKverse from Sukuna’s wraith.

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