Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia

Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia

Designing and decorating your house is a big part of the massively-multiplayer community simulation game Palia. Keep reading this article for the Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia. 

Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia

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Best Design and Decorating Tips

Remove Grid to Move Furniture 

When you approach a piece of furniture in the hand and press control to move it around, it’s usually on a grid. This can sometimes stop Cg you from moving things freely the way you want, giving errors like something is in the way. You can take this grid off by tapping Z. When the grid is off, you can freely move any piece of furniture you like with much more precision. 

Rotate with Scroll Wheel

Most players rely on Q and E to rotate their furniture, but there is a better way. You can use your mouse’s Scroll Wheel to easily rotate any selected piece of furniture. 

Press G to Remove Wallpaper and Flooring

Now, you may not know this, but you can actually remove the Wallpaper and Flooring in the game. All you have to do is press Control, approach the wallpaper or flooring you want to remove, and hit G. This will remove the wallpaper or flooring and revert things to their original condition. 

And if you’re concerned about removing a wallpaper because you don’t want to purchase it again, don’t be. All wallpapers in the game are for unlimited use. So once you buy wallpaper, you can use and remove it as many times as you want. 

Use Wallpaper on Your Exterior 

Another thing you may not know is that wallpapers aren’t limited to just your house’s interior. You can use them on the exterior as well. This can help you add new colors and patterns to your house’s exterior. 

To remove wallpaper from your house’s exterior, press Control, approach the wallpaper you want to remove, and hit G. 

Change your Walls and Windows

Your customization isn’t limited to just decorating your house’s walls, you can change what they look like as well. To do this, approach the wall you want to alter. Then press H. This will open a tab with different wall options like single door, double door, open concept, etc.

Just like your house’s walls, you can customize your windows as well. Simply approach the window you want to alter and press H. This opens the tab with different window options like a single window, double window, or even no window. 

Use Hallways to Add Character

At only three by three rooms, hallways are fairly small in the game. But they still have a lot of potential when it comes to adding dimension and character to your house. You can design little nooks to hang out or serve a specific purpose. And a hallway entrance to a room can help it look less closed off and more inviting.

Make Use of Unlimited Decor Storage

The game offers you unlimited decor storage for all your furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. You can even store the various chests you find around the game here. This does not result in any penalty toward your overall storage. 

Don’t Buy the City Hall Windmill

The game lets you buy a windmill from the city hall for 5000 gold. Do not do this. Instead, work towards expanding your land. Expanding even just a little will unlock a windmill for free. 

Move Your Rooms Around

Building your house takes time but this isn’t true for moving your rooms. You can move any room around freely and instantaneously. So make sure to use this feature. 

You can also move the entire house anywhere you want instantaneously. You just need to have enough space with trees and other obstacles cleared out. 

Level Up Your Furniture-Making Skill

If you want to decorate your house well, focus on leveling up your furniture-making skill. Speak to Tish to unlock furniture making. Level this skill up by crafting decorations and furniture to use in your house.

This has two benefits. Firstly, you’ll be able to furnish your home for much cheaper than buying everything from the shop. And secondly, you’ll be able to modify items you already own. 

Once you unlock the modification bench, you can pick up different items and customize their color. This costs customization kits. You can purchase customization kits from the furniture store for 100 gold each. The number of kits required is linked to the size of the item. 

Fish for Treasure Boxes

Don’t think fishing has anything to do with decorating your house? Palia proves you wrong. You can reel in treasure boxes via fishing. These contain various rewards including furniture and other house decor.

Build Multiple Houses and Tents

You can switch between save slots to have multiple houses. Just switch to a new save slot, visit the city hall to purchase another big main entrance, and wait for the house to build. You can also build multiple tents dedicated to a specific theme.

Decorate with Friends 

If you have friends over, change your security settings to grant them editor permissions. Once you are fine with that, you can freely build and decorate things together. 

Explore the Black Market

Keep talking to Zeki, the general store owner. He will eventually ask you to go and seek out the black market. You will find one entrance behind the Remembrance Garden, nearby Remembrance at the Beach. 

Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia


From rotating with the Scroll Wheel to moving around entire rooms, Palia lets you do a lot of things you may not have thought possible. We hope this article on Best Design and Decorating Tips for Palia helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.