Should I Make Shepp In Palia?

Should I Make Shepp In Palia?

Palia is in the Open Beta, which makes the game incomplete. Furthermore, you might be looking for a guide to answer the question of whether I should make Shepp in Palia or not.

Now, Palia gives you a choice of making Shepp, either it could be your fishing, or it could be something else you enjoy. Is there a benefit in the future for that? Now, that is something we are going to discuss below.

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Introduction to Palia

Palia is a fantasy game developer by the Singularity 6 Studio. Unlike other games of a similar genre, Palia is fascinatingly free-to-play and has multiplayer functionality as well.

You start off as a human in the fantasy world, where humans were thought to be extinct. But, somehow you and others pop off here, in a world filled with Majiri – non-humans.

While the game has minimal combat, it is mostly focused on developing other skills like mining, survival, building, fishing, cooking, and so on. You can call it a free-to-play fantasy-esque survival game.

Should I Make Shepp In Palia?

Should I Make Shepp In Palia?

Now, that thing depends on the future of the game, which is uncertain for the most part. In the Open Beta, you can only enjoy the First Temple. These are 4 of those, if I remember correctly.

This means, Making Shepp in Palia, and the benefits you are going to get depend on the further Temples of the game. As of right now, they are totally blurred. You can only enjoy the first Temple, which makes this question quite strange.

The Quests Beyond Night Sky Temple Bundes are missing from the game, and you can only get the first set of bundles. Hope that somehow answers your question.

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