Can't Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia

Can’t Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia

After the recent patch “0.165.6” of Palia, players have been reporting that they can’t remove items from safe storage in Palia. Whether it is a bug or not, we are going to discuss it here in our guide.

Can't Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia

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Introduction to Palia

Palia is a fantasy game developer by the Singularity 6 Studio. Unlike other games of a similar genre, Palia is fascinatingly free-to-play and has multiplayer functionality as well.

You start off as a human in the fantasy world, where humans were thought to be extinct. But, somehow you and others pop off here, in a world filled with Majiri – non-humans.

While the game has minimal combat, it is mostly focused on developing other skills like mining, survival, building, fishing, cooking, and so on. You can call it a free-to-play fantasy-esque survival game.

Can’t Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia

Now, the issue is that you have a ton of items in Safe Storage. It is a storage that you can use to put in your extra stuff (important ones).

In case you put in something that doesn’t have an existing stack, then you can easily take it out and remove it from the safe storage. But, if that thing has an existing stack with something else in the combine, then you can’t take it out of your safe storage.

This means you can’t pull out the existing supply of fish, cooking, bugs, and so on. Because all of these things are put in your Safe Storage when you need them.

How to Fix Palia Safe Storage Bug?

We don’t guarantee that the things mentioned below are going to fix this issue, but you can try out your luck. Otherwise, just wait for the new patch of Palia and you will be able to Take Out Stacked Items from your Safe Storage in Palia.

Update Game and Drivers

For the first part, you need to restart your system and check whether your Windows, Game Files, or Drivers are up to date or not. Update them to the latest version. For Nvidia GPU, you can download the latest ones from Nvidia Experience.

For AMD, you can download the latest and greatest drivers from AMD Adrenaline. Both of this software will download the latest drivers in the safest way possible.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Sometimes the antivirus and firewall mess up the game files, terming them as potential viruses or malware. You can disable the Antivirus and Firewall to get around it. In case you don’t want to do that, you can simply Whitelist the game itself and other things will still be in the protection of Antivirus.

Reinstall Palia

As a final resort, you can simply reinstall the game itself. Sometimes, the latest patch or update of the game deesn’t install as intended. As a result, you might have issues like Can’t Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia. Hope this guide helps you out!

Can't Remove Items From Safe Storage in Palia

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