Find Tuna in Dave the Diver - Can't Catch Tuna!

Find Tuna in Dave the Diver – Can’t Catch Tuna!

Recently, Dave the Diver community found out about the Tuna Bug in the game. Here, you can’t Find Tuna in Dave the Diver, as well as catch it. In our guide, we are going to discuss, how you can do that.

Find Tuna in Dave the Diver - Can't Catch Tuna!

Why can’t I Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver?

Basically, you can’t catch tuna because of a proclaimed bug in the game. The net bomb will ignore tuna and as a result, you will get the other fish randomly.

Honestly, this isn’t a bug and neither a glitch in the game. It is a simple change of net game here. You will have to use a specific type of net to catch tuna.

Find Tuna in Dave the Diver

In order to Find Tuna and catch it in Dave the Diver, you will have to use the automatic net bomb, harpoon, guns, steel net bomb, or simply put them to sleep. Let’s talk about the details below.

Automatic Net Bomb

It is a net bomb that is triggered automatically through the use of a remote. When you use them, the simple net bomb will miss out on the tuna and catch others. While the automatic net bomb will catch the tuna for you.


You can use a harpoon or other weapons in the game to damage the tuna and get them directly. After they are put to sleep permanently, you can catch tuna.

Steel Net Bomb

For bigger fish like tuna, you can simply use the stele net bomb.


After a simple rifle upgrade, you can use the tranquilizer to put your tuna to sleep and catch them afterward. To find tuna in dave the diver, you can use drones.

Find Tuna in Dave the Diver - Can't Catch Tuna!

The Verdict

The community couldn’t catch tuna in Dave the Diver because of a net bomb bug. It misses out on the tuna and catches other fish randomly. You can use other things that are mentioned in our guide to Find Tuna in Dave the Diver and catch them.

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