Night is Too Dark in Craftopic - Discussed!

Night is Too Dark in Craftopia – Discussed!

Everyone loves those open-world survival games where you can basically do anything you like. Sometimes, they go too far into realism and players start having trouble here. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the fact that Night is Too Dark in Craftopia and how to tackle that yourself.

Night is Too Dark in Craftopia - Discussed!

Why is Night Too Dark in Craftopia?

Basically, the game is made to be a survival genre. It means you will have to suffer much more than other games here. The night is designed in a way that you will have to utilize various tools and techniques to get around.

Yes, we know that the night isn’t that dark, but when you don’t have any technology by your side and there is a location where the environment isn’t clear, then it becomes pretty darn dark.

They implemented the same thing here in Craftopia, which is great for some people and then for others, not so much favorable.

How to Play in Night in Craftopia – Tips!

  • To tackle the nighttime in Craftopia, you can simply turn off the lights around your system. When you have lights turned on, the darkness on the screen increases.
  • Turn the brightness to the max when it happens
  • Use two lanterns at a time in the dark
  • Use a touch beside the lantern because it will light the area around you
  • Turn the Monitor Brightness to full as well
Night is Too Dark in Craftopia - Discussed!

The Verdict

The developers of Craftopia went a little further with the nighttime in the game. The night is Too Dark in Craftopia, to the point that players can’t even see anything. We have here some tips to help you work around that darkness.

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