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How Does Poison Immunity Work in For the King 2?

For the King 2 is a spectacular tabletop RPG, with fascinating game design and colorful graphics. Developed by the Iron Oak Games, the game has it all, from the dungeons, turns, combat, and loot to events, and a beautifully written story.

Being the successor to the For the King 1, a game that was launched years back, some game mechanics are carried out here. One of them being the Poison Immunity. It is quite difficult to understand, so, we have here a guide on understanding How Poison Immunity Works in For the King 2. Let’s get started!

How Does Poison Immunity Work in For the King 2?


How Does Poison Immunity Work in For the King 2?

When you get poisoned in For the King 2, you can always use something that can help you neglect that, like the Poison Immune Ring. After that, you also get the logo on the screen. In the case of Poison Immune, you get the Poison Immunity logo on the screen.

So, the immunity does mean that you won’t be affected by Poison Damage in the game, right? Wrong, because in For the King 2, there is no immunity if you get the damage before wearing any protective gear.

On the other hand, if you use the Poison Immunity Ring before that damage is applied to you, it will neglect that. If it is applied before you put on the ring, or get another immunity, it won’t work, and you will still get Poison Damage.

In Short, the Poison Immunity Works as follows:

  • Poison Immunity applies to everyone
  • If you have Poison Immune Gear before getting Poison Damage, it stops it
  • If you get Poison before wearing the Poison Gear, it won’t stop it but have some resistance
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