How to Find In Truth's Step Part 2 Location Genshin Impact

How to Find In Truth’s Step Part 2 Location Genshin Impact

Can’t figure out How to Find In Truth’s Step Part 2 Location in Genshin Impact? This guide is here to help. Keep reading for the In Truth’s Step Part 2 Location along with the questions asked and their answers.

How to Find In Truth's Step Part 2 Location Genshin Impact

What Is In Truth’s Step Part 2?

In Truth’s Step Part 2 is part of Genshin Impact’s latest event; A Parade of Providence. This is an interschool Akademiya event arranged by the six Darshans of the Sumeru Akademiya. The event features a Wisdom Gala divided into booths with six mini-games. Each mini-game represents one Darshan. 

The Haravatat Darshan booth features the In Truth’s Step mini-game. This has 3 parts. Each part involves listening to a story to analyze the truth behind it. You can ask questions to gather clues to reach the correct answer.

You must be Adventure Rank 30 or above and have completed the Chapter 1 Act 3 Archon Quest – A New Star Approaches! to unlock this Akademiya event.

Find In Truth’s Step Part 2 Location

You receive the In Truth’s Steps quest after finishing your conversation with Dori. Accept it and head to the northwest side of Sumeru City, where the Wisdom Gala is taking place. There you will find Bahar at the Haravatat Darshan booth. 

Bahar is an event-exclusive NPC with short dark hair and bangs. She wears the Haravatat Darshan ladies uniform. To find her booth, look for the Haravatat symbol with a bull mascot. Talk to her to start the mini-game.

In Truth’s Step Part 2 Questions and Answers

In Truth’s Step Part 2 is a story about Haravatat student Bahera and his mentor. The student journeys out for his research. While away, he receives an unexpected letter from his mentor. The letter asks Bahera to bring back something he accidentally took with him on his trip. Bahera mails the item back to Haravatat but still gets a scolding from his mentor when he returns.

The questions asked are:

  1. Why was his mentor angry?
  1. Who was it who last came in contact with the letter?
  1. Where was the letter?
  1. What was within the letter?

The answers are:

  1. Because he could not obtain the letter.
  2. The Darshan staff member who was in charge of passing on the letter.
  3. The mentor’s office.
  4. The keys to the office.

The full story is that Bahera accidentally took his mentor’s office keys on his trip. He sent the keys back in a letter. But the Darshan staff member in charge of passing the letter dropped it off at the office’s letter slot. So both the letter and office keys got stuck inside the locked office. Thus, his mentor’s wrath.


In Truth’s Step Part 2 is found at Bahar’s booth in the northwest of Sumeru City. We hope this guide on How to Find In Truth’s Step Part 2 Location in Genshin Impact makes things easier for you. That said, happy gaming!

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