How to Contact Gabe Newell (Gaben)

How to Contact Gabe Newell (Gaben)?

Gabe Newell popularly known as Gaben is the undisputed crowned king of the gaming community. He is a holy figure, loved by all the gamers around the globe, as he is the CEO and the reason for Steam becoming so famous. Also, you might have seen him distributing Steam Deck Consoles, and talking in interviews about various aspects of gaming.

Whether you are a Dota 2 Player, a CS (Counter-Strike) sportsman, or a Team Fortress paramour, Contacting Gaben yourself has always been a debate on the Steam Forums.

But, the real question is, how to contact Gabe Newell, AKA Gaben, whether to discuss the game issues or generally talk to him? Gabe Newell was seen talking to random fans, distributing his console, and making days of families, so it wouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Don’t worry, here in this guide, we are going to share with you all the information, including Gabe Newell’s Contact Number, Email, and the platforms you can use to discuss matters.

How to Contact Gabe Newell?

There are various ways to contact Gabe Newell. While you can also get through the call and ask for his assistance for a talk, emailing Gaben has always been an effortless approach.

There are various methods to contact Gabe Newell, either through his Email, Phone Number, Twitter X, or Reddit

Gabe Newell Email

You can email Gabe Newell at to contact him. This is the best possible way because Gaben responds to emails from his fans.

Gabe Newell’s Phone Number

You can also contact Gabe Newell through the contact numbers mentioned below.

  • 44798513XXXX
  • 425442XXXX
  • 425462XXXX

Gabe Newell Twitter (X) Profile

Gaben isn’t that social on other social media profiles, but you can contact Gabe Newell on this Twitter (X) handle as well. Give this legend a follow and discuss the personal matters with him there.

Gabe Newell Reddit

Finally, you can head over to the Gabe Newell Reddit Account and get in touch with him there.

Gabe Newell contacting his fans through the email.

So, there you have it, all the ways to contact Gabe Newell himself. Keep in mind that he is a busy person and has assistants to help him out on the contact.

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