How to get Destiny 2 Malediction Hand Cannon

How to get Destiny 2 Malediction Hand Cannon

Can’t figure out How to get Destiny 2 Malediction Hand Cannon? You’re not the only one. This article will cover exactly how to get your hands on this Hand Cannon.

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How to get the Malediction Hand Cannon?

You can get the brand-new Hand Cannon Malediction by ranking up core playlist vendors of Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. You just need to reach Rank 16 with one of these vendors. Once you do so, you’ll get your prize, and the ranking will reset.

But how do you rank up fast with these core playlist vendors? Let’s cover the best way to do so for each in detail below. Note that specific weeks unlock ritual rank boosts, which increase the EXP earned for leveling up. Activity streaks further speed up this process.


This is a gameplay mode focusing on two separate mission types. Strikes and Nightfall: The Ordeal. Strikes earn a minimal amount of EXP, so if you want to rank up fast, focus your energy on Nightfall missions. These are divided into a total of four difficulty tiers. Which are:

  • Nightfall (Hero): x1 
  • Nightfall (Legend): x1.2 
  • Nightfall (Master): x1.4 
  • Nightfall (Grandmaster): x1.5

Each difficulty tier has a progressively increasing EXP multiplier. The Hero difficulty is best for solo runs. For higher difficulties, you’ll either need a pre-made fireteam or have to be matched with two random players.

Without the rank-up bonus, a Hero-tier Nightfall Strike drops approximately 180 EXP upon completion. In the Master tier, the rank-up bonus and activity streak can bring this value up to 500 EXP.


This is a player vs. player game mode with Seasonal Ranks. Each Seasonal Crucible Rank has two key mechanics. A level and rank points. As you earn points in each rank, you’ll level up and unlock new rewards at Lord Shaxx in the Tower. You’ll need to reach Rank 16 with Lord Shaxx to unlock Malediction. 

The Crucible game mode offers the most reputation via Trials of Osiris and Competitive playlists. But you don’t need to win these competitive matches. Just complete them. Losses don’t affect your rank, and simply completing matches earns you enough EXP.


In Gambit mode, you earn Infamy for every game, regardless of whether you win or lose. But wins grant significantly more Infamy points than losses. This is especially true when you’re higher-ranked. Once you reach Rank 16 with the vendor, you can get Malediction.

To rank up quickly in Gambit, play consecutively to start an Activity Streak. This will cap out at five consecutive games, but drastically increase the amount of Infamy you receive per game. And don’t forget about Infamy Weeks. These are certain weeks that grant increased Infamy from all sources. But they aren’t on any content roadmap, so watch out for the “Next Week in Destiny” post when logging in.

How to get Destiny 2 Malediction Hand Cannon


To get Malediction, reach Rank 16 with the core playlist vendors of Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. We hope this guide on How to get Destiny 2 Malediction Hand Cannon helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.