How to find One-Eyed Mask Location in Destiny 2

How to find One-Eyed Mask Location in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Titan Exotics are just ugly and you can’t challenge this statement. Still, everyone has his or her own choice and you might be looking to find the One-Eyed Mask Location in Destiny 2. For that we got you covered here in our guide.

What is this mask?

This mask belongs to the exotics related to the Titans. It is one of the silliest items that players want to get. You can just become a cyclops and wear a small hat that just looks silly. Then on your face, there is this hideous One-Eyed Mask.

Besides this, it acts truly fascinating in both the PvE, as well as the PvP scenario. Its exotic perk is known as Vengence and when a highlighted target that damaged you gets killed by you, there is an over shield.

As a plus point, there is Restoration Mod or the Mobility Mod, making it easier to catch the shooter. Yes, this seems justified for the players who are looking after it.

How to find One-Eyed Mask Location in Destiny 2

This one is old… much older than most of us even existed. Yes, it was released in Season 8 and you can’t get it now. Still, there are ways to find its location in the game.

Xur sells it in the EDZ at Winding Cove. In case you missed the sale in March 2023, you will again get it at some point.

It is also in the World Drop loot, meaning you can get it by killing some enemies, looting them, doing activities, and through that Season Pass Exotic Engram, which you can get from Xur himself.


So, that’s How to find One-Eyed Mask Location in Destiny 2. Keep in mind it is quite old, meaning you can get it mostly from Xur or from the loot through enemies or activities.

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