Get Miles Evolved Suit in Spider-Man 2

How to Get Miles Evolved Suit in Spider-Man 2? Blue Electricity Sparks Power!

Spider-Man 2 is a massive game with unique suits to enjoy and play with two characters side-by-side, Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Just as in the comics and cartoon, Miles Morales’s Suit has this electricity power symbolized by blue sparks.

Well, that is given by the Miles Evolved Suit that he created himself. There are a total of 39 Suits for Miles Morales and one of them is the Evolved Suit that Miles Morales can wear and have Blue Electric Sparks.

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How to Get Blue Electricity Sparks Power in Spider-Man 2?

Miles Morales has a unique ability that allows him to use electricity powers, typically seen as blue sparks of power. This is given to him a special suit that he made for himself.

It is pretty different from the typical Miles Morales suit that had a black and red color. If you want to get the Blue Electricity Sparks Power for Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2, you need to get the Miles Evolved Suit. Here’s how!

How to Get Miles Evolved Suit in Spider-Man 2? Blue Electricity Sparks Power!

How to Get Miles Evolved Suit in Spider-Man 2?

The Miles Evolved Suit consists of a Blue and Red color scheme and has some technical advancements shown in its design as well. Unlike other suits, this one has Sneakers and Hoodie, while the overall look is sleek.

To Get Miles Evolved Suit in Spider-Man 2, you will have to complete the “Finally Free” Mission.

Spider-Man 2 Finally Free Mission

On the water tower, Peter and Miles Morales will discuss the steps to fight against Venom. But, as you are discussing, Symbiotes comes out of nowhere and attacks you. If you get close to them, they will explode, so you need to be careful here.

On the Water Tower, you need to put the Sonic Bursts, but after you defeat the Symbiotes. It will prevent Venom from getting to you. Stay close to the region, and make sure no one gets to disturb the Sonic Bursts.

There are waves here of Venom Symbiotes, and each wave is stronger than the other. Afterwards, Venom himself will appear and you need to defeat him to complete the Finally Free Mission in Spider-Man 2, giving you the Miles Evolved Suit in return.

But, you have to watch the cutscene as well to get the suit. After you wear the Miles Evolved Suit, you can use the Blue Electric Sparks Power.

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