How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek? Float in the Air Bug!

How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek? Float in the Air Bug!

Counter-Strike 2 is based on the new Source-2 Engine from Valve, providing better graphics, design, and overall game mechanics. The competitive aspect of the game remains the same, but there are new bugs and glitches that allow you to have an upper hand on the enemy players.

One of those bugs and glitches is the Elevator Peek, which allows players to float in the air and touch the roof, where the enemies won’t even see you. Now, the next question is on How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek. Let’s talk about that below.

Players found a bug in CS2, that allows players to Float in the Air, and they named it the CS2 Elevator Peek. Here's a guide on how to perform it. \

What is Elevator Peek in Counter-Strike 2?

Just as the name suggests, the Elevator Peek allows you to float in the air vertically, and stay on the top. From there, you can attack the enemies below you, as they won’t even guess your location.

But, before you hop into the actual process, you need to fulfill some requirements. There are a few specific spots from where you can perform the Elevator Peek in Counter-Strike 2, and you also require a friendly player with you.

As to what those spots are, we have a YouTube video below that can help you with that. You can also search for the Elevator Peek Locations in CS2 to help yourself out.

As time goes on, these locations will increase, as players are continuously trying out their luck, but it is soon going to be patched.

How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek?

To perform Elevator Peek, you will have to find a teammate and stay together. Both should face each other, moving forward, while the other one has to jump on the knees. Then, the one on the ground has to press the A and D keys one after another to elevate in the air. Here’s a better step-by-step guide on How to Do an Elevator Peek in CS2.

  • You and your Teammate should face each other
  • Press W to move forward, but because you two are facing each other, none of you are going to move
  • Press A and D to move Left and Right, jumping on the Knees of the Teammate
  • It should be the knees only, which is a small spot
  • Then, the player on the ground has to press A and D to move left and right flying in the air

Here’s a YouTube Video to help you perform this Elevator Peek in CS2.

How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek?

In Short: Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Elevator Peek is a Bug that allows players to Float in the Air with their teammates, at specific spots on the map. You vertically elevate in the air, where enemies don’t usually see players. Accuracy in the Elevator Peek state is fully functional and it can be used to camp at specific main enemy locations.

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